June 27, 2021

List of New Inventions in Casino Slot Machines

By Benicio

Nearly 70% of casino revenue comes from slot machines. Touch screen gaming machines make up a large portion of today’s casino slot machines. Touch screen gaming machines can only be activated by touching the screen with your bare fingers. The screen activates by touching it. A touch screen machine can be difficult for players because they have to constantly lean forward and reach out their arms in order to make contact. Over time, this can be uncomfortable for players. Players are at risk of being exposed to germs and bacteria left behind by previous players. These machines can be avoided if you are able to minimize or avoid touching them. Here’s why:

While casinos make every effort to keep their machines clean, there are still problems. There are alarming reports that slot machine play can cause side effects. Although these are not intentional, they can be harmful to the public’s health. Everyone Were shocked to mega888 complete astonishment when we witnessed an absolutely disgusting act while visiting a local casino in March last year. A very elderly, intoxicated man, clearly suffering from flu-like symptoms one being diarrhea, removed certain bodily properties from the slot machine where he was gambling.


Surprisingly, he began to transfer his excrement from his seat to the screen. We had to immediately respond and reported the incident to the authorities. As the thought became clearer, we realized that and were not present at the scene. Wonder if the man left the machine, and another person sat down and played? Is this something that has happened before? Although this is an extreme situation it is still very upsetting. How about contagious diseases, which can be passed from one person on to the next?

We recently discovered an innovative device that eliminates any discomfort or direct contact while using a touch screen machine.  It is called The Magic Gambling Wand. This novel device measures twelve inches in length and is embellished by a braided lanyard that wraps around your neck. It allows customers to relax comfortably and enjoy longer gaming sessions without any strain.

It is almost weightless and activates the touch screen quickly. We bought one for each of our friends. We cannot imagine our favorite machines being played without it. Keep in mind that a lot of bacteria and microorganisms can be spread between the time slot machines have been cleaned and sanitized. These and other reasons show that the device could be of significant benefit and May, if implemented, prevent public health risks. The device helps keep the touch screen casino machines clean and allows players to play for longer periods of time.