Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mommy Moments: Magic Beans

Last week, Liam and I were doing our typical Friday morning grocery shopping. We got to the produce section and Liam went crazy because he saw string went something like this "MAMA!!! BEEEEEEAAAANNS!..Ovah you see dem mama, do you see dem??"  I could not believe how excited he was over string beans, but, his likes and dislikes are changing daily, so I let him get out of the cart/car
(another post on those grocery store cars later, am I the only mom who tries to avoid them at all cost??) and take as many as he wanted, I let him put them in the bag, and decide exactly the perfect spot in the cart for them.  He decided to put them on the seat right next to him, he was very excited ( ps..he decided on about 10 beans).
I thought it was odd, but went about our grocery shopping, with the beans never to be thought of again until Saturday morning. Liam woke up, and out of the blue, said, "MT BEAAANSS!!! We gotta Plant my magic beans" Grant and I looked at each other and absolutely was so sweet, he didn't want the beans to EAT...DUH!! he wanted them so he could PLANT them and grow a magic beanstalk!! I asked him what would happen if we planted his magic beans..he told me that it would grow very tall, and there would be treats and candy at the top....just like on Max and Ruby ( Yikes..too much TV??) SO, we went planting :)

On a magic bean mission!!

He needed just a little help from daddy...

He founds the perfect spot! Not in the garden ( my suggestion) but right next to the driveway :)

He dug, and buried, and watered...

It was a lot of work for this little guy...and we let him do it by himself unless he needed our 
help. It was so cute..

AHHH..a very happy boy ! Magic beans all we do is wait :)

The sweetest thing about this, is that every single morning, he asks to go check on his magic beans, and every morning, I take him out there, and we check. I explain that it takes a very long time for an entire beanstalk to grow, and also reminded him that sometimes, if it doesn't get enough sun, a big beanstalk wont grow, but the magic powers will leave a little candy right in the exact place that you planted them :)
I love being a mommy. Its the best gift in the world. Its the moments like this, that reminds me that there is a balance to everything. 

Happy Hump day Everyone.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Architectural Digest Home Design Show-Part 1

SO on Sunday, My friend Michele ( Mod Design Guru) and I made our way into the city to check out the Architectural Digest Home Design show ( thx for ticket M). We weren't sure what to expect, as we heard, and read mixed reviews. I was pleasantly surprised by the "made" section, to be specific. The innovations and ideas coming from these brilliant artisans was amazing! A word we both used way too much this day!  I felt at every corner, there was another brilliant artist, using metal, or wood, or dried bamboo reeds, in a crazy innovative way, that made us stop and drop our jaws!
Here are a few of my fav's from the "made" section.

1. Rail Yard Studios. - This booth BLEW US AWAY. The material, the story, the amazing, knowledgeable, friendly "point" person, Erica, who was working the booth. Every aspect was cuh-ray-zee!
A tiny snippet from their website, to give you the "idea" behind their furniture.

"We create one-of-a-kind custom furniture from historical century-old railroad steel and hardwood timbers. Preservation and sustainability are our goals." 

Their concept, totally meshes with my passion for helping to bring MEANING to beautiful things. Take a look at a few of their pieces below, and please be sure to take a peek at their website.

2. WUD Furniture -  There is a special place in my heart for Brooklyn Based, WUD Furniture Design. Waaaay back at the "kinda" beginning of this blog, I came across an amazing picture of one of their benches, and HAD to find out what this company was all about! ( HERE is my original post). They are Brooklyn based husband and wife team who knock it out of the park ( "IT" meaning, cutting edge design, purity, and a sense of "real"ness). Corey Springer is the artist ( and husband, equally as important fyi) and with a background in sculpture, its no surprise that every single piece, is more than just another hand crafted piece of furniture, it is a beautiful piece of art.  
As soon as I saw their booth, I knew I had to finally meet this awesome team, whom, I STILL get at least 5 referrals per week from their website!) I was so happy to finally put faces with the names I had read about, and I instantly could see why their business was so successful. They are, like their furniture, beautifully pure and real, and I instantly felt like I could be friends with them! ( eek, does that sound like a total stalker..well..maybe if I lived closer ;)) ANYWAY...the furniture does speak for itself, so take a look, and PLEASE, stop by their website to see their full line.

A picture of me with Corey, and Keren, Husband and Wife team.

WUD "Lolita" Bench

I saw this tray in person. It is so beautiful! Leather handles, and a beautiful finish!

Do you Love?? Me too!!!  Don't forget to check out their website!

3. O&G Studio- "Modern Home Furnishings with an old soul".  As soon as I turned the corner at the design show, and saw bright Orange bench seating with the tag lines stenciled on their wall, I knew this was a company after my own heart!! Again, just really sharing a passion for bringing meaning to beautiful spaces!! I love the idea of people recognizing furniture as "having a soul" don't you??
I met with the owners/artists, Sara and Jonathan , who rally took the time to speak with me, and although it was nearing the end of the last day of the show ( EXHAUSTING if you have never been part of, OR attended one) they still took the time to show me the love they  have for each of their pieces!  Located in Warren. RI with all manufacturing done in the states, this is my type of furniture!!  Here are a few pics from the show, and please check out their website for their full line at

Those were my 3 fav's in the "Made" section of the show, stay tuned for part 2,  for the amazing table designs as well as a kick ass Brooklyn based furniture showroom that knocked us OUT with coolness as soon as we entered!!!

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Monday, and if you are in NYC, holy cats, hang onto your hats!! It is WIIIINNNDDDYY out there!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Before I share my enjoyables 2 days late, I need to share current happenings around the
 Design Thoughts Empire...

I fear that this last week, is starting to feel a bit like it will feel when we have another baby ( NO! this isn't an announcement). My first born ( Design Thoughts) is bigger now, and can handle more things on its own, so I have paid less attention..and my brand new baby ( Design Thoughts Shoppe/Mini Thoughts) is getting every piece of me!! I am smitten, in love even, with the paintings that I'm doing, mostly because with each character, I step back in time to my childhood...and I CANT wait to actually launch my Shoppe on Etsy. Every thought lately, is of hang tags, and Etsy Banners, and new characters to draw and paint, and realizing that OHHH in order for my pen to not run while using watercolor paints over it, I must use waterproof ink..brilliant..duh..Anyway, I am feeling mama guilt, and decided that I need to have A little one on one time with my first baby, so THAT is why I'm sharing my Wednesday Enjoyables on Friday ;)

Are you ready for this?? Macrame..that's right, I said it...what am I enjoying lately ??MACRAME..some of you will LOVE, some of you will DESPISE, but either way, its so fascinating that it is actually making a comeback!!

An AWESOME Macrame Lamp!! from an Australian Company called Smalltown.

 Both images above are from artist Sally England

Also seeing Macrame in fashion! (Rings, Bracelet)

And of course, the ever so popular Pouf! Its cute though, no?

So be honest, do you love or hate??

BY THE WAY~~  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, to Noodles on The Wall Blog, for Featuring me today, as their very first creative mama spotlight! Im so honored! Check out the interview here !!
Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Winner!!

We have a winner!!

The winner of  the $50 Cutting Edge Stencils Gift Certificate is...
#19 Tzippora!! (
Thank you to all of you who entered!! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Mini Thoughts" the start of a new "Branch"

SO something completely crazy happened last week. My friend Elena, started a wonderful new website called, "Noodles on The Wall".(that's not the crazy part..that is actually BRILLIANT)  The idea?...a place where creative women can "Throw Their Noodles "( Ideas) and see if they stick. We all have so many things we want to do, and a lot of times, great ,creative ideas slip by us because we are too afraid to dive in..with thoughts of "what if I invest time, money, whatever, and it fails" well...Elena has created a space for you to try it...throw your idea up there!! People can comment, let you know what they think..its a great website, and I know it will be a success!! You have probably figured out where this is going...After Elena launched her site...I wanted to support her, I searched through my mind of ALL the ideas that have floated past me, and haven't stuck, but still keep making their way back to my thoughts...nothing appeared. I went to sleep, and had a crazy dream about mini know, like shrinking your kids artwork and framing them all together? well that dream, turned into a journal writing the next morning, which transformed into hand drawing, and water coloring, little pictures. I saw it exactly how I wanted it...a sea of 3"x5" ( or something) cards, that people could select, and I would create framed art for them.. with drawings that told a story for their lives. The "noodle" that has been re-occurring over and over prior to this dream, was the thought of hand made note cards..I use to do it A long time ago, and have started missing it a little...but I kept saying things like, I have no time for anything right now, let a lone adding another there it sat.. I should back up a minute..Since I was a little girl, I have covered my diaries and journals with little pen drawings, little characters, little suns and flowers, all images that make me happy. When I was little, my mom and I would sit at our old wooden farm table with big roll sheets of manila paper, and we would create scenes...she would always let me pick..should we do an amusement park? an under water scene? a  circus? We would then take turns adding to the scene, I would draw an Octopus, she would draw the sand. I would draw a roller coaster, she would draw the big tent. Its a part of my past that brings me joy, and now..I am bringing it into my adult life... it is..My noodle that may, or may not stick, but I am throwing it up on the wall anyway..I am diving in!!!
( Thank you SO much Elena)

Say Hello To (the very beginning of)
 "Mini Thoughts" from "Design Thoughts Shoppe"
The creative baby to "Design Thoughts Blog." bringing handmade love and connection to your home, one
brush stroke at a time...( or something like that !!!)
Here are just a few of my idea pieces.

First sketches= extra Fairy arms..

A Monster/Frog Prince/ cute little guy??


Are you scared?

Then I began to think...hmm...maybe I should do a larger version too?? 81/2" x 11"

Phonetic Monster Alphabet?? Maybee...

I would assume, that at some point I will move up to big girl water colors, and lots of different brush sizes? but since this idea is literally 4 days old, I am sticking with Crayola paints that come with one tiny brush :) I hope Liam doesn't mind...

Anyway, that's a little taste of my very first "Mini Thoughts" noodle...I have zero idea how this is going to manifest itself...will it be a viable Etsy shop? will it just simply be an amazing outlet for me to let my "Lil" Kim out?...will it end up in print so I can eventually stock the shelves of my actual brick and Mortar Design Thoughts Shoppe?? who knows?? What I do know, is I am remaining completely open to this and however its meant to develop, and no matter what happens to these little guys...I am so happy that I threw this particular noodle on the wall..and I am hoping that it sticks..I would love to have you along for the ride....and I would also love your feedback!!! Stay tuned as I make my way through supplies, sizes, starting a shop but using an extra P and E to make it sound fancy, and balancing one more trick on this crazy ride ;)

and ps..don't show ME your noodle, show Elena at

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition!!

Well, it's that time again!! actually, Wednesday was that time again, but as per usual me, I am behind.. Whatev. Sherry and John tweeted me to re-assure me I had until Tuesday to "link up" .  okay, okay  "Technically", they did tweet me, however, it came after a tweet that I sent stating that I was behind...(Twitter makes everyone friends :)..anyway, if you don't know what I am talking about..I'm talking about the Pinterest Challenge: Winter addition that Young House Love, Katie Bower, Hi Sugar Plum, and
The Great Indoors, are hosting.

I have actually done a few Pinterest inspired DIY projects since the last challenge, like this mirror out of Paint sticks, and the stencil that I started..(see the post below this and enter to win, it closes Sunday), but this time I wanted to pick a small project that was not going to take a lot of time. I decided to do a studded Letter. I used Silver Nickel thumb tacks to create the look.

Materials Used:

Floral Foam ( $4 with Michaels Coupon)
Blue Paint ( already had)
400 Nickel Thumbtacks ( $4 )
Total: $8

I started with the Floral foam, from Michael's

I drew an "S" for my last name..(Salter, in case you are wondering and/or care)

I decided to paint the background a dark blue, so if there were spaces between tacks
it would'nt be as noticeable..I had a little help with that part  :)

THIS was my inspiration by the way..originally pinned from The Glitter Guide.

And here is my final result! I am actually pretty happy with it :)( after looking at the pictures though, I am going to continue the tacks on the sides)
 My plan is to put it on the new shelves that will be hung above my new desk, after I complete my new stencil wall...sooo, sometime in the summer I should have a great picture of it placed exactly where I want it  haha!! Love looking at all of your "challenge" projects!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Project Stencil. Under Way! YAY and a giveaway!

OMG. I was going to wait until I completed my "stencil" project, to give away a special surprise, but because I am SO excited about the project being started, AND the color combo that I finally selected, that I decided to go ahead and give my loyal readers some fun stuff today!!!  YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!

So you all know the story, of  how Cutting Edge Stencils  contacted me waaaayyy back in November? Well, my scale has finally tipped on the side of "balance" ( briefly) and I cant even describe how excited I am to finally get started ( err..RE-started) on this fun project. We are re-doing our "office/playroom/dining area, and I couldn't even start it until I dove head first into stenciling the wall.

Since I am being asked to review the stenciling process, I want to be honest, and let you know that this takes TIME...this was my biggest obstacle in even STARTING!! ( Helloo!! I have had FREE STUFF to use since November!!!) So when you start, just know that, this isn't a quick fix, but I have to say, it is moderately easy. The first attempt was a little awkward for me, trying to get the Stencil to hang properly, then trying to tape the sides, BUT, Cutting Edge Stencils, has an amazing little tool, which is the Stencil Level.(if you are the winner, trust me, ADD this to your order!!)  I would not even attempt the stenciling with out it! Once I got into my groove, It was so relaxing! maybe thats because I was gifted with about 6 hours of free time that I wasn't expecting, so anything, really, may have felt relaxing !!haa!! But I really enjoyed it, and it wasn't hard!  Let me lay down a time frame for you..I am far from finished..the picture below is what I have accomplished...each stencil sheet took me about 3 to 4 songs on my spotify playlist, so Stencil number one was painted while enjoying Rhianna, Train, Kelly Clarkson, and Mazzy Star, While the second one was done ( while dancing) to Sublime, Eminiem, Nicki Minaj and Pitbull ( because hey, I am diverse) :)

By the third stencil application, I was loving the process, I was seeing my results, I could now tell that the colors that I chose ( Blue Grey is Martha Stewart  Winters Day, and the light Grey is Behr Ultra in Burnished Clay) and I had fallen into the groove of painting, dancing, peeling stencil off, and re-applying!!

One side note that is VERY important. Cutting edge Stencils include very good, detailed, step by step instructions, which are great, but following their videos on their Youtube channel is what totally saved me. I'm a visual person, so watching someone else was great!!
Here are a few pictures from along the way...


My Stencil Stats:

Design: Hourglass
Base Color: Martha Stewart : Winters Day
Stencil Color: Behr Ultra: Burnished Clay

OK..Here are the SUPER FUN Giveaway Stats!!!

The super nice people over at Cutting Edge Stencils, are offering one of my lovely readers, $50 towards any stencil design of your liking, including free shipping!!

Here is how to Enter! You can enter Twice!!

1. Leave me a comment letting me know which stencil you would like to attempt form their website.


2. Go to their facebook page, and "Like" them

However you decide to enter, please just make sure that your comments are linked to your contact information, if not, then please include email address with your comment so I can contact you if you are the winner!!

Give-away will end one week from today On Sunday, March 17th.

How can you find Cutting Edge Stencils

Pinterest (See something you like? Pin Away!!)

This is an amazing product, so please..Tweet, Share, FB a link so everyone can enjoy a chance to win!!!

Happy Friday!!