Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mini Fall Project #2: Kitchen Sill

Something has come over us here in The Salter home. We have been on a mad dash to get little things done that we have been talking about for 8 yrs..weird..I know ;) Since we are renters here in New York, we fill our creative voids with these tiny projects instead of biggies ( ex: moving walls). Its amazing how changing your mind set can create such motivation!! What has changed our mind set?? Not entirely sure, but I think it just has to do with boredom..tired of looking at the same things that need a little boost, and talking about not having enough time to do any of them...going to the Virgin Islands to have some down time..and coming back with a WHOLE NEW VISION!! ( more on that later) so here is mini project number 2 ( I already shared #1 here)

So THIS is what our window sill in our kitchen has looked like for the last 6 of the 8 years we have been here. GROSS does not even describe it..actually when we first got here, there was some whack old contact paper on it. I removed that right away, then this little sill fell to the wayside..not sure I finally freshened it up. A new coat of light Grey Paint, some old Milk bottles,and  fresh flowers and VOILA!! done!

Even the littlest projects can brighten a space and lighten a mood ;) Happy Thursday everyone!! We are so excited, my dad and step mom will be in town this weekend~ looking so forward to a little family time!!


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That makes a huge difference!

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