Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's your Design Style?

I always love when A designers blog or website, completely represents their brand, and who they are as a designer! If any of you follow Kenziepoo, ( a blog about cutting edge baby clothes and decor) she does an amazing job of this. Everything from her blog, to her twitter page to her instagram feed to her Pinterest boards, are filled with images that totally represent A style that's all her own. Sleek, modern, clean. Check it out if you haven't yet.
 I am on a mission to have this stream line feel for all of my social outlets! But first, I had to really think about what my style is as a designer...this is hard as an interior designer, especially when my gift, is  helping OTHER people figure this out for themselves, and then helping them bring that vision to life. Don't get me wrong, I am someone who mostly knows what I like, for sure know what I hate, and have the occasional "this is so ugly I love/hate it" risky moments. So what I came up with is...I love a mix of Clean/Modern, homey,  and International. Now, I am on a mission to create a look that combines all of them for my brand!! Here are a few images, that speak to me!! So ask yourself...what is your Style?? what type of design calls to you??!!

Clean/Modern = Crisp.
 Crisp spaces, crisp texture, clean lines, think Scandinavian 

Homey = Comfort. 
Vintage, Texture, Wood, Reclaimed, Recycled,Color,Leather,Layers

Vibrant, Pattern, Textures, Color Saturation

I know this may feel a little "late" in the game, to JUST be figuring out my design style, but the truth is, one of the great beauty's about design and color, is that it constantly changes, and with that, as a person emerged in design, I change too. NOw, onto making changes in my brand that I can live with, that pulls all 3 styles together, in a way that represents Design Thoughts!! Im so excited :)!!

Which style is your favorite??  

*Note: none of the images above are mine. Please use links provided if you want to PIN them to Pinterest. Thank you*

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