Wednesday, August 22, 2012

St.Thomas ( More pictures of 3 yr olds and clear water)

Are you tired of my pictures yet? if so, come back later...I promise I will have a fancy little DIY on displaying our treasures that we found on vacation, but for now, I want to share more pictures :) It was a blast!!

The View..

Seriously, is this the best picture EVER !!

Who would think that "Cornhole" would be Liams favorite part of the beautiful beach?? It reminded us of the good ole days of "Buckeye season"

A major "tourney" happening in this pic

Nap Time...

My happy boy :)

The above picture wins for my favorite pic of the trip!

You just looked at 42 pictures! Thanks for sticking around :) Looking at these makes me want to be back on Island Time..ahhh

Enjoy your Thursday!!



Jenna Rowland said...

What a beautiful family on a beautiful vacation! Those 42 pictures seemed like 5. I think I was living a vacation through your pictures. And how can you not love the picture of Liam with sandy Buzz? Too cute!

Lynne said...

Love all the pix !!!! Corn Hole is a great game, isn't it ? My gal pals in Muskoka did their own DIY Corn Hole game, and we couldn't leave it. Too fun!
Your son has the most gorgeous blue eyes! Fab fab fab holiday pix!
Lynne :))

Design Thoughts said...

Thank you Jenna and Lynn :) It was beautiful! We learned the importance of vacationing with no one else but else. Amazing special family time :)

Krishann said...

The photos are so beautiful (that vacation destination so beautiful!). How wonderful that your son got to experience all that with you! I'm glad you all enjoyed your trip and love your DIY shell box you made!!

Design Thoughts said...

Thank you Krishann~ We will always from now on, plan a tropical vacation with Liam included, it was amazing :)

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