Monday, August 13, 2012

Its time for THE BEACH!! (U.S.V.I here come the Salters)

We are getting ready for our very first tropical vacation away, in 3 years! Can you believe that? We have not taken a family vacation, just the 3 of us, somewhere warm and beautiful, EVER!!! So on Wednesday in the early morning, we will board our flight to St.Thomas, and cross our fingers as always when traveling with a child,  that we make it with minimal tears ( his and ours) minor spills if any, and hopefully no potty accidents. We are, however, seasoned enough at this parenting thing, to not hold any attachments to things I just listed ! We tend to "gear up" for vacations now days. Reminding ourselves ( Grant and I ) that this will not be spring break of 99'..this will not be The Bahamas in 2005..its better ! This is a chance to get away, and have quality family time ( again, no attachments lol..just hope) with no interruptions. Just us. The family we created.
We are so looking forward to it. I may or may not be popping in with pics here on the blog, but will for sure be posting pics on Facebook and instagram ( designthoughts1) . SO follow along if you love 3 yr olds in the pool/sand and mommies with cocktails.

Love, Kim


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Kristie Ignash said...

Woohoo!!!!!! Enjoy every minute! Love you guys!

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