Friday, August 10, 2012

It really should be called "Thoughts Designed"

I am realizing that this little "Design Blog" that i started last year, has wavered back and forth pretty consistently between Design Blog, and Lifestyle blog. I use to worry about this, with thoughts of "oh man , I need to stay with all things design related, fit in my "niche" because this is, well, a design blog, and I totally LOVE design, but my life is totally mixed in too"  Anyway, what I have come to realize is; THAT is my niche.."A life Designed"  MY life IS about Design, and about Babies, and Mommy, and Wife, and pretty things, and things that cost a lot but getting it for less, and being spiritually balanced and loving life, and hating things about life, and being smitten with being a mom and sulking because I have no time, and sharing ideas about how to save time, and being creative, and feeling stuck, and getting unstuck, and missing my family, and loving that i have made a "family" here in NY, and looking towards the future and being excited ,scared nervous, and more excited about that. I am realizing, through this little blog, that it is a map of my life...I am a stay at home mom that works 3 days a week, I am a home owner that rents in NY, and I am a design blogger that writes about life :) its kind of beautiful I think.

SO,HAPPY FRIDAY, and here are ALL of the things that have MOVED me recently!! Can you tell me one thing that has made you STOP this week and take a breath of gratitude?

Remembering to be silly more..

How to make Anthropologie inspired tumbler for  SO much less. From a 
great blog that I just recently found called  do you know it? check it out if not!!

Being painted on by the best artist I know :)

Witnessing unconditional love for Buzz Lightyear 

A SUPER inexpensive way to add color to a party!!  I repinned from Pinterest, but Original photo is from a website called

Mason Jar by the sink window to hold fresh flowers! Brilliant!

Love this little guy. The caption under this photo says, "Quiet your Mind"
How perfect!


lacheis said...

Thank you for always being my inspiration .. i know i can be difficult, but you always help me through it. I love you sister!

Design Thoughts said...

Aww thanks sissy it helps that I have strong woman (uh..YOU)in my life:-)

Jenna Rowland said...

My little serious faced little Nugget. He smiles and coos until you take his picture...then stone face! But every day he learns or finds something new in the world and I get to be a part of that. I am finding that it's hard to say "I love you" enough. It keeps everything else in perspective.

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