Monday, August 6, 2012

Blogher12 Re-cap!

Saturday I woke up at the crack ass of dawn to drive into the city for the Bolgher12 Conference!
I have to say I was totally excited and totally nervous. I went by myself. I knew no-one. First up was breakfast. I gave myself plenty of time for the trip in so I could start meeting some other bloggers! As soon as I went in for breakfast, I met Hanan Webster ( how great is that name??!!) She is the owner/author of Lilac City mama, and she was wearing her babe!!! We started talking, I was comfortable and ready to conquer the day! By the way...I was so impressed by all of the mamas who wore their babies ALL day, and even more impressed at the  "Mama Friendly" atmosphere, that Blogher has created! what an amazing organization! ( I mean, payment plans for attendees, daycare on site available, lactation rooms for nursing!!)
I can not WAIT to tell you all  about Using Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram to up level your brand or business, and how to evaluate what your worth!! I got SO much out of both of the sessions and will be writing about each of them through out the next week.

Katie Couric was the keynote speaker at lunch.(ps doesn't this picture look like I was super close? I wasnt it) OH-MY-GOODNESS...she ROCKED the house. Im not kidding! She was so open and honest and FUNNY! I also sat in on the other speakers which included Christy Turlington Burns ( Every Woman Counts! ) Malaak Compton Rock (The Angel Project) and Soledad O'brien (The Soledad O'Brien and Brad Raymond Foundation) and watched in aww as they spoke of their foundations and charities, and what it means to make a difference, even if it is one small step at a time! So inspiring!

It was so awesome to be in the company of all of these great woman bloggers and one man ( Im kidding, there was probably like, 5...but the one I met (Thoughts From Paris) was Hysterical, and I know we could be BFF's if only I had more time. Damn.

Body art at the "Come As You Are Party"

It was a great day, that ended with a great party, well, there were like 17 parties, or something close to that, but I left around 8pm, so I could get home to see one point, there was a slight yearning to be in my 20's with no kids, then I got home just in time to see my naked little dude ( potty training in the Salter house) run up and give me the biggest hug in the world, followed by "you got sumpin for me mama" such a spoiled brat ;) Thank GOD for Best Buy and their cotton candy and cake pops!! ;) So much SWAG it was ridiculous! loved it!

Enjoy your Monday!


Isi Curiel said...

I can't believe you had time to write all of this :) I have to a to do list! and all the goodies we got :)..It would have been nice to meet :)

Lilac City Momma said...

Hi Kim! It was so nice to meet you and be able to talk with you for a bit!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed BlogHer as well. Finally getting around to going through all my business cards =P

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