Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our trip back home: Michigan part 1

Ahhh...it feels so good to be back to our NY home!  I am so happy that for the FIRST time in 8 yrs since we have been in New York, I decided to take the day AFTER vacation OFF. I know, that's like vacationing 101, but we are always rushing back to our lives for some crazy reason! So Liam and I are spending today doing laundry, and grocery shopping!! It seems not so fun, but after a grand total of 13 days away from "routine" I think we are both welcoming it!

We had an AWESOME vacation back to Michigan! While there, our baby boy turned 3! I still cant believe it. I feel like I was just pregnant with him!! It was so fun this year to see him running around and actually "playing" with his cousins..although, at about day 10, his "play" quickly turned to "MINE" and "NO"!!  It was to be expected from my little "cancer" ( his sign) baby, who loves his home and his routine!

Grant left us on day 9, to travel to Ohio to be part of the Mid Ohio Vintage Motorcycle show. I don't typically talk about Grant and his ventures, BUT, he and his partner Jesse, entered their CB750 Motorcycle, and WON two of the top awards!! "Best In Show" and "Peoples Choice". Very exciting, especially since Cafe Fabrications ( Their business) is really a side project for both of them, so the UN expected success was AMAZING!! Check out their stuff here. Im a proud wifey :) And cant wait to see where Cafe Fabrications is headed!!

Here are a few of the 712 pictures I took while in Michigan :) I realize that this may be boring for those of you who are not our family members...sorry, there are A LOT more to come !! This is part one of, who knows how many posts! We started out with Grants family. Its always so nice to get to the "Salter Ranch" surrounded by trees and horses, the pond and quiet!!

Daddy and Liam on the road with only 2 more hrs to go!! Poor Liam had explosive Diarrhea the entire drive..not so fun for a potty training toddler. We have never been so thankful to reach the Ohio turnpike!! for those of you who travel it, you know why, for those of you who don't know what I am talking about...being on the Ohio turnpike means a clean stop ( and a Starbucks) at least every 20 miles!!

Finally made it to Gramma Vickie and Grampa Garrets house!!! YAY!!

Cousins Ethan and Shyanna

Enjoying Ice at Grammas!

Dont you just love the pretty dress Shyanna picked out, for playing outside :)

Daddy helping Liam to swim :)

Auntie Bec!!
Cousins Hayden and Shyanna with Liam

Brothers!! can you tell?? ;)


Just the girls !! Cousins Ariel and Shyanna

I love this picture so much, it reminds me of when me and my sister, and cousins use to play outside in the Michigan summers! It was so nice to be with family again!!

Enjoy your Tuesday! I know I will!!!

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