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Monster Birthday party and Pinterest Challenge

I was so excited as I was planning my sons 3rd Birthday party, when I saw on Ten June, that there was a new Pinterest challenge happening!!(hosted by Young House Love, Katie Bower, Michelle from Ten June and Kate from Centsational Girl) I thought it was perfect!! I planned Liam's Monster party pretty much entirely from Pinterest! Here is the board I started as I began to plan. I have to admit that the planning was pretty much done when I saw the "challenge" but I think its a great one to share!

Here are the ideas I "borrowed" from Pinterest, and their original sources.(just click on the link to get to the original "boards" or websites) I didn't follow these ideas to a "T", but they were for sure my Inspiration!

Other than the fact that we had Liam's Monster party, outside, on one of the hottest days in New York ( heat index of 106!!) it was a blast!! 

Monster Party, Design Thoughts Blog

Monster party, Design Thoughts Blog
I made each gift bag tag, by drawing the little monsters, painting them with watercolors, then used plain old Elmer's glue to attach to each bag!

Monster Party, Design Thoughts Blog

Each tag for the food, was also done by using watercolors, then just taped onto each jar.


The Monster lollipops were a HUGE hit! I used "Congratulations it a boy" Lollipops that I got from Party City, removed all tags, glued on googly eyes, and used a sharpie for the face! So easy and inexpensive! 

The Monster hats and masks (and Blue monster bottles above) , were also purchased from Party City, from the theme of Ugly Dolls. They were also a big hit!

Here is the table before the cake and cupcakes arrived. We wanted to wait until the very last minute to display both of those, as I mentioned it was HOT, so hot in fact, that about 30 mins after my husband brought the cake, the icing literally started melting off the sides, exposing the cake underneath! Not before I got pictures though!!

Flag Banner from Target!

Mini M&M's that never made it on the table. Because of the heat, they remained nice and cool, and not melted, in the cooler .

Monster water bottles made from using colored duct tape and googly eyes!!

Monster party

Here is a good shot of my homemade cake stand BEFORE the cake arrived. I used a candle holder that I bought for $1 at Target, then used a plate that I got for $2 to sit on top. The plate has the cake on it already, so you don't see it here. An easy and inexpensive way to display!


Since the party consisted of (7) 3 yr olds, (1) 2 yr old and (1) 5 yr old, I kept the "activities very minimal. I hand drew Monsters for them to color, and made multiple copies. The party was at a park, so they played on the playground until their little faces were beat red!!

Here is Liam singing "Happy Birthday" to himself before his guests arrived :)

Notice there are (2) bunches of balloons? the one bunch is in the background, then the closest bunch to the camera...

The most precious moment of this whole day for me, was right before the kids arrived, Liam and I were at the park alone ( G had ran back home to get the cake) Liam grabbed one bunch of balloons, and was running with them, and having so much fun..so I stopped fussing over the table for a moment, and just sat back and watched my nearly 3 yr old, enjoy the wonder of balloons..as he was running and jumping and throwing the balloons up and catching them ( they were weighted) a HUGE gust of wind caught them! Up, up, up they went!! Liam and I looked at each other in shock, then both started laughing, then, in an instant, tears started streaming down my face..Why? because my sweet little angel, looked at me and said, "its okay mama, I just sent them up to Nana Cindi so she can have them" Nana Cindi is my mom, who passed away 11 yrs ago. Such a sweet sweet boy.....Here are a few of those moments...

Uh-Oh...wind is picking up ;)

and what party is complete with out their trusty JoJo doggie getting ready for the party!!

The Cake and Cupcakes arrived!This was my first party that I have had for Liam that included more than just family..the first party with a "table". The one lesson I learned: I am really good at pulling together a party, and styling it. In fact, I love it! But I am not so great at baking and decorating a cake and cupcakes! although they turned out OK, next year, instead of making them myself, I think I will buy!! Its all about learning as we go along ;)

By the time the cake came, The guests had already arrived. Unfortunately, this is the only full table shot (which I totally cut off) that I took!! There were kids excited to see all the goodies, and parents to talk to, and a party to enjoy, so that is the best I could do :) The bags behind, were placed there so the kids wouldn't climb up and touch the cake, I didn't even think to move them before pictures...OH WELL!!

Here is my homemade cake ! I was actually pretty impressed with myself that I pulled off a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting in the middle ( I know..so simple for most, but you are talking to a girl who asked her husband how to make a boiled egg..no joke) 

Home made Monster cupcakes!

I love this picture so much :) I love seeing my baby as a little boy, surrounded by his friends, blowing out his 3rd birthday candle! I love how sweaty all the kids are because they were playing so hard, and having so much fun. The only thing I want for my child/and future children's birthdays, are for them to know how much they are loved, and how special, that moment was when we brought./bring them into this world.

Everyone ejoy the rest of their week!! My fam and I are off to MI, for 13 days!! I decided not to have guest bloggers this time, and I will pop in from time to time to say hi, but Im planning on a little "radio Silence" turning off Social media, blogging, and reconnecting!  We shall see how long THAT lasts ;)

 If you are a blogger, and you are part of the Pinterest challenge, please leave a comment with your website, so everyone can check you out!!



Niki said...

Wow you did a lot of work! It came out great!!!! My favorites are the lollopops and the water bottles with the googly eyes!

I didn't realize you were a New Yorker! I'm in Jersey, 15 minutes outside of NYC!

Design Thoughts said...

Thanks Niki!! Yes, it was a lot of work, but I was happy with how it turned out! so much fun doing it!! Yep..Im in Rockland county area!! about 30 mins outside NYC where are you? Bergen?

DecorandtheDog said...

What's not to love about a monster party?? Cute ideas!!

F.... said...

How cute are those water bottles?! Pinning this!!


Design Thoughts said...

Thank you!!!

Jenny Meier said...

I love it!

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, I wish I was invited to this party. Everything looks so beautiful!
Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

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