Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VIP access and Dumplings from a cart

Sunday was Fathers day, and for the last three years, we have driven to Harlem to watch the  Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic, hosted by Rockstar Games. Due to my husbands job, each year, we are treated to exclusive entry to the Rockstar Games VIP tent. Its a lovely way to spend a Sunday!! Free food ( this year from Dinosaur BBQ!) drinks,  front row seats to the bike race, and of course good company!.

Each year we go, I fall more and more in love with Harlem. I'm sure my growing love also comes along with having a child now, instead of a baby. The first year, I had a 10 month old who I was trying to nurse in 1,000 degree weather. The second year, I had a walking toddler who still wasn't talking very well, but WAS getting around very well, in 200 degree weather. Finally this year, an almost 3 year old. Walking, talking, dancing to the music, watching the racers, talking to people like he owned the place, and the the weather..70 degrees and sunny. BEAUTIFUL!

Now, lets talk about the dumplings, dumpling. Holy S!! for fellow NY'ers..you may know of a famous little food truck called Rickshaw Dumpling Bar ?? I thought so..are they not to DIE FOR?!! as soon as G and I saw the cart ( yes, the cart outside of the free food free drink VIP tent) we knew we had to scarf a few!! OH MY GOSH! they were amazing!! We talked about those effing dumplings until we were lying in bed drifting off to sleep. The last thing we said Sunday night was, I love you, I love you too, man those effing Dumplings were the shit! I'm not kidding... then, we moved on to the waffle cart, you know the one right? the one where they have homemade waffles with a ridiculous amount of Ice cream, Nutella and strawberries.? Then we let Liam have a waffle cone later that day. We won Parents of the year after that.
Here is my picture montage of the day...enjoy!

A little Sammy Jammy and Juice to start the day!

Moving on to ice cream cones

 And then..waffle ice cram delight!


and here is where my Camera stopped working for a brief second, and in my frantic way of trying to "fix" it...the setting ended up on some weird pop art mode..which I didnt even realize, until G tried to take a picture that night. So the color is a little whack..but I kind of dig it..

It was a great day in Harlem. I love days like these, where we get to experience the very things that draw us to this wonderful city!!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Erin said...

Sounds like a GREAT day Kim!! L is getting so big! Can't wait to see you all next month!! :)

Kristie Ignash said...

What an awesome day! I love the pics! Makes me want to come visit and get one of those dumplings! And some ice cream!!! Thanks for bringing it all to life! :)

tiny by design said...

Kim! What great day! Liam us such a little man:) how fun! Miss you!

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