Saturday, June 9, 2012

The inspired Dose of : ME

Today, as Liam was sleeping I caught up! Not on blogging, not on emailing, not on tweeting or facebooking or googling. But on a little soul love! and before your mind goes into the gutter about what self soul love might mean,(ha!)   I will explain to you what it means to me. Enlightening my spirit with doses of happiness. Quotes,Meditating, writing in my journal,  a little ginger root tea...ME time. Self Care. Soul Care. Im learning to take this time very seriously, and realizing that in order to push through my fears to pursue my dreams, I MUST take some time to myself in a way that actually nurtures my being. One of the things that i love is Oprahs latest Life class tour, I know, many people roll their eyes at the mere mention of Oprah, and Im not sure why. I love her and the role model she is for women.

Here are a few quotes that really touched me today, that I took away from  Iyanla Vanzant and a few pictures from my Pinterest Board that I titled JOy Rising. The photos make me so happy!!

"All you need is a vision. A vision, will pull you forward"

"Your eyes, will adjust to the level of deficiency present. SO, look closely at what/who you are surrounding yourself with"

"Allow Courage, to overcome fear"

"Never judge your clarity, on how other people respond"

"Listen for instruction, instead of begging for direction"

"Be aware of your I am statements..I am tired, I am broke, I am lonely
whatever you attach "I am"  to, you become."

I hope you are having a happy Saturday!!

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