Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Great American Backyard Campout..A day late

Hi Everyone!!  Saturday was The "Great American Backyard Campout" which was organized by The National Wildlife Federation. They realize that today's kids have moved from outside, to inside, and this Backyard campout, is a way to get them excited about the outside again. I love this concept. G and I both have so many great memories of childhood nights, spent with our families, camping on the shores of Lake Michigan.  We both love camping, but it has gotten away from us, especially since moving to New York. Because of our sick puppy, which I mentioned in yesterdays post, we weren't able to camp out Saturday, so we gave it a try on Sunday.

As the night approached, I am not entirely sure who was more excited, Liam, who was doing tumbles in the tent, or Grant who woke up that morning, saying "tonight is the night!!" Grant made this such a special experience for Liam. He had him help "gather wood" ( Sticks) for the campfire, which by the way, G made out of an old cinder-block he found ( I  Love that man!!) and pick the perfect spot to set everything up, he had Liam help set up the tent, and explained in a very serious Daddy tone, the importance of fire safety.

As soon as the tent was set up in the perfect spot. Liam explained how it was an emergency, and he really needed to go inside to get his stuffed animals. So off he and daddy went to get the martians, and Gigi, Rawr, and JoJo.

After setting up, and getting each of his important stuffed animals, it was time to go in and change into jammies, so we could make Smores!!


I love this picture of Liam giving Grant a pat on the back, as Grant lit our fire :) My boys..


All set up and ready to SLEEP...except...sleep didnt happen as easily as we hoped. Liams bed time is 8:30...its still light at 9pm, we started giving Liam gentle warnings, "Okay Liam, I know this is super exciting, but stop taking your clothes off and screaming things like there's something in my Butt!! the neighbors might think we are strange. " At 9:30, it was finally dark, a dog barked, Liam got scared, and we went inside :) It was a perfect backyard campout. !


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