Monday, June 11, 2012

Get some clothes on!! : Dressing your naked house on the cheap

Is your home naked? Mine too..I mean not totally all hanging out naked, but I FOR SURE have spots that need a little covering ! Each week I am going to start bringing you crazy clearance items that I find! Pieces that everyone can enjoy, and enjoy them on the CHEAP!! I don't think there is anything better than saving moolah on pretty clothes for your house! ( I promise I play an Interior Designer in real life...) SO here are a few on clearance this week at Pier One Imports, which, by the way, I stopped shopping at a while ago, and I am not even sure why?? They have some really cute shizz!! Do you have something you are specifically looking for? let me know, I will find it for you, Design on a dime style ;)!!

Okay, this little gold beauty is 3" and are you ready..on clearance for $.98 !!!!  WH-WH-WHAT!  Seriously, buy 10 of these, and stick them in a cool bowl for your coffee table, or just buy one to add to a shelf or bookcase!!

Here are two more things that I love. This lamp is incredible for only $39.99 , and who doesn't still love a chevron pillow? add 2 of these pillows which are $12.38 ea, to a chocolate brown sofa ( eh-hemm which I just HAPPEN to have) and Voila..a touch of design for UNDER $25!

 I am fairly sure that over 50% of you will HATE with a capital "H" these little bunnies..Well, throw a capital "L" my way, because I am smitten!! For only $14.98 each (that's 50% off!)  They would add a pop of color to any bookshelf or desk top. I love them! Be honest. Do you??

SO there is my first does of  "Get some Clothes on"! I dont want to sound like a sales person, and should add that all opinions expressed are my own, none of the stores I shop at even know I'm alive let alone have a blog, so this is truly just to help some of you who are living on a budget (raising hand now) that want to surround yourselves with great things!! and PS..Im serious, is there something specific you are looking for? let me know, I will find it for you! AND save you moolah, I'm good at it!

Hope you are having a great start to your Monday!!


lacheis said...

Creepy bunnies sister...but where are the nifty gold balls at?

Design Thoughts said...

Sissy!! Ill prove how cute they are once my home office is'll see :) everything is from Pier 1

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