Monday, June 25, 2012

Get Some Clothes on!: Animal Instincts

Happy Monday Everyone!! Wow..what a weekend we had. Our poor littlest weenie dog Fransis, got very very sick. Thank god, after a trip to the vet, an IV of fluid, and antibiotics, she seems to be back to her normal self. SO scary when your animals get sick. We are still waiting for blood work to come back, and crossing fingers its nothing major. She has already survived one round of breast cancer, and unfortunately, while at the vet this weekend, they found another lump. I love my animals so much, which in a very odd way, inspired me to share an animal print that I found!

 I am IN LOVE with this large poster print of a Zebra, on sale at Ikea this week!! Usually $49.99 but now $39.99. I have recently become obsessed with large scale prints, its 46" x 30" and would make a PERFECT piece right behind an entry console. You really cant go wrong with a black and white print.
I am way behind , and have so many things I want to get done today, and I feel like the day is almost over. I hate days like that!! SO, its a short post , and hopefully at some point this week I can share our postponed "Great American Campout" adventure, that we did on Sunday instead of Saturday, in our backyard :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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