Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi! Happy Thursday!! Its suppose to be HOT HOT HOT in NYC today ( I'm talking 100 degrees people!!) SO as I was thinking about my love for summer, I was also thinking about the new fan that I need to add to my home office, which is THIS close to being done.

Like a lot of people,  I cant always buy the super amazing large piece with "character" so I will gladly buy a less expensive Ikea desk, because I appreciate clean lines, and a $68 price tag for a desk, and then I will add smaller pieces that add character and  life to a space. Remember, THIS is my desk, with white shelves above, very clean lines, so I want to add some "grit" to it, some texture. Take a look at a few of the fans I am considering!  

I do this all the time. I start a search for the perfect ________ ( fill in the blank) and I become obsessed with  the first "cool" thing I see that fits what I am looking for. needs to #1. Fit with in my budget, and #2. Make me excited!! this tiny(12") fan does both!! and I love the green piece in the middle...I will dream about you tonight little fan...From Reclaim (Brooklyn) on Etsy $42 (ps...sometimes I'm afraid to share what I love because I think someone might click on the link and buy it right away..then I remember  its only a ____ ( fill in the blank) so if it calls to you...stay away..its MINE  lol I'm kidding..)

The next one is creeping a little bit over my budget at $60..but its still a vintage piece, love the color, love the shape..From Ebay , it would certainly add some "Grit"~

This cute little black Zero Fan is Going for $50 on Ebay
And Although I wanted to stay UNDER $50, it can be mounted to the wall as well as desk top, and I kind of love that...

This  ( 10" ) Vintage Silver Fan is #2 on my want list!! I love the base, and I can totally see it on my shelves! And at $32 its totally UNDER my budget, which makes me super happy...Etsy Shop KPdreams

Those are my top four. I am still obsessing over number one, and am pretty sure that is the one I am going for. I have a trip planned on Saturday to go to my local Junk Shop, in hopes that i will get super lucky!! Cross your fingers for me!!
And enjoy your Thursday!! Are any of my readers in NYC?? How are you staying cool??


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Rebecca Salter said...

We have your #1 fan up at our cabin. It's vintage indeed! I've always loved it!!!

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