Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dada, Daddy, Dad

As I sat down to write this post about Fathers Day, it occurred to me, how special it must have been every year for my mom. That's right, for my mom. I can say this now, because I am a mom.  As a mom, I can now, look back at all of those years, that my mom helped us make homemade cards, and wrap beautiful little trinkets for my dad. It was a day, that my mom, and me, and my sister, got to think together, all about one thing, my dad! What he likes, what he does for us, how much we love him. Now as a mama, myself, I love that there is one day, that Liam and I get to hold Grant waaaay up high, as high as we can reach, but not even close to as high as he belongs. Together, I get to giggle with Liam as he tells me .

 "I ahmost shoe-ar ( sure) mama,  dat daddy need new wheels and a fishing pole and a buzz light year doll, da big one, maybe just da big Buzz doll mama"

I get to think back to the very moment we brought Liam into this world together, and the look on Grants face when he said, "Wow, I am a dad", and I get to think about the nights that Grant and I lay in bed with tears in our eyes when we talk about how much we love that little guy. I look at Grant and he just shakes his head and says, "Its just so unreal right?, that we get to be parents". I love so much, that Grant is Liams daddy. He makes swords out of packing material, and rocket ships out of wagon boxes. He fights dragons in caves made of bed-sheets. He teaches Liam what a flat head screw driver is, and the way to properly shake a hand when you meet someone. He taught him how to tell his most famous knock knock joke.."Knock, Knock..Who's there? Poop. Poop who?....that's the whole entire joke, and when Liam tells it,he giggles so hard that he falls over, and Grant has tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. I roll mine. But inside, I love that they have a bond over a poop joke.

As a daughter, that's now a mom. I appreciate my dad in such a different way. Mostly because I GET IT now. I understand the worry, the curfews ( um 10:30 on the weekends!!) what it means to be a parent. I think back to the times we played golf around our house when I was little, or how he taught us to catch a softball in our front yard. About the Grace and strength he showed, as my mom passed away from cancer.
 I think about the joy in his face, as he watched Liam be born, and how he stayed with us for the first 2 weeks of Liam's life. I am so grateful he was there. I see how Liam has a special bond with him, and how my dad also laughs with tears, when Liam tells his new poop joke to him ;) 

Thank you Dad, and Thank you Grant, for being 2 of the 3 most important men in my life, helping the third become the man he is meant to be. I love you.


tiny by design said...

So touching! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing such special moments!

tiny by design said...

And yes, I am totally catching up on your blog on vacation!

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