Friday, June 15, 2012

Cheap art!! Use Sticks!!

Happy Friday! I don't even care that its only 4 minutes into Friday ( yep its 12:04 am) I am just so stinking happy yesterday is over! If I were a different kind of person, I would write about the entire story about WHY yesterday sucked so badly, BUT, I am much more poised than that lol..just for inquiring minds, it has nothing to do with family, friends or THIS whats left?? I'm just so happy that whenever there is a great "low" there is an even bigger "High" !! ONTO DIY STICK ART!!

Last weekend I finally finished my "stick DIY" for the wall behind our sofa. It has taken me a while!! I never seem to be able to find the time to complete projects!! it makes me crazy! BUT my wonderful husband took Liam for a few hours and I was able to hang the sticks. This  was one of those "eh..we'll see how it looks" DIY projects. You know, the ones that look awesome in your head, but your just not too sure if it will translate in real life? well I was really happy with the results! 

First, Liam and I ( about 3 months ago) walked around our yard one afternoon after a big storm. He helped me select the perfect sticks.

After letting them dry, I spray painted them with Rust-oleum glossy white. I decided not to sand them, because I wanted to keep the rough look.

I layed them out exactly how I thought I wanted them on the wall..
and used nails to hold them in place. 

I'm so happy with the way it looks in real life. Not so happy with how the pictures turned out! There is hardly ANY natural light in our living room. My next project is updating my pillows ( bright colors with white) new lamps and different end tables!!

Anything fun and exciting on YOUR Fathers Day weekend list??


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