Friday, May 18, 2012

What I accomplished this week..

The last seven days I have made a vow to stop focusing on what I did not cross of my list, but instead, on things that I have. Take a look :)

I made a decision to start eating clean, my goal this week, breakfast. I completed 7 days
of clean breakfast!! This is Quinoa, Avocado Tomato! YUM ( thanks Rebecca ;)

We held Hands.

We Painted our body.

We hiked.

We listened.

We enjoyed the sunshine. ( our weenies, I'mah and Fransis)

I was able to run 3 days!( this is me relaxing after a run!)

We had fun on the swings.

We continue to Potty train.

We played in the rain.

We finalized our very first tropical "Family" vacation, for just the 3 of us. U.S Virgin Islands..Here we come!!
(AND, I completed two..thats right TWO DIY projects that have been staring at me for weeks!! pictures with post later in the week)

Now THAT, is a list that I can be proud of! What a great week!!

Enjoy Your weekend!



tiny by design said...

LOVE it!

Lynne Knowlton said...

That is one incredible week ! I loved your photos and WOW - vacation planning !! That is awesomeness !!!
Can't wait to read more of your blog
Lynne xx

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