Monday, May 21, 2012

Off track a little ..and so happy

This weekend was The International Contemporary Furniture Fair in the city. This is a great trade show where all the top contemporary brands showcase their newest pieces. I was super excited to take a quick trip into the city on Saturday with no toddler!! I had a very small window of time to see everything I wanted. I got into the city at 9:30 am, the trade show started at 10 am and I had to be back to Rockland county ( for those of you not familiar with the area, its about a 40 min trip on a good day) by 1:30pm for a meeting. I had everything planned out perfectly, I knew that if I was in a cab by 9:45, I would get to the show right when it opened, be there for 2 hrs, leave the city in time for my meeting! wellll...this is what happened instead...I got to the trade show as expected, met some amazing people, made great connections and left after an hour..why? because IT WAS BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE!!!  that's why!!! there is NOTHING more fantastic then being in the city when its a beautiful sunny clear day! So I took this opportunity, to do some work
( the show) and then go to my FAVORITE area in NYC...The Flower district!! I have written about my love for this magical area on 28th st before, and there wasn't a chance that I was going to miss a quick trip there , while I had no crazy toddler with me!! I left the show, and took a cab right to 28th and 7th. As soon as I got out of the cab, I saw the jungle like plants creeping over the 1 train entrance. My heart skipped a beat, there is something so incredible about the balance of lush soft greenery, literally woven into a backdrop of hard, tall straight buildings. Its so amazing!
So while most design bloggers will be using today to showcase all of the amazing design, and cutting edge new style shown at ICFF...I will be writing about the natural beauty I experienced on 28th st this weekend ( Dont worry, I will also post about ICFF, later this week).

Take a look at the beauty of the Flower district, I didn't edit these photos, I wanted to show the rich color in its natural state!!

Urban Jungle??

 This is the perfect picture to show the balance in this area. Fresh green life, right next to tall hard buildings!! (which by the way are also full of life, but in such a different way!)

Its so crazy, I have definite moments of wanting desperately to leave this area, typically that when I think about my family, and how my husbands commute effects him and us, and how competitive the school systems are here...but then, I have shiny, bright windows of  absolute LOVE, for this amazing area. I am so thankful that for however long we are here, we are able to enjoy all that NYC has to offer!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!



My Crafty Home Life said...

I can't wait to see pictures from the show.

tiny by design said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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