Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just take that leap! NYC..what I learned

As I was sitting at my job the other day, listening to David Gray, I was taken back so quickly, to the days of working in New York City...

Our first time in Soho..Spring of '05

I was 29, and we had moved one year before, from our home in Michigan. I remember being so sad the first year I was in NY. I wasn't working in the city, I was in Westchester. I missed my friends, and my home
 ( we went from being home owners, to landlords and renters in one quick move)and my family seemed so far away, they felt untouchable. I was SURE we made a mistake! Although we were proud of ourselves for "Following our dreams" and "taking a leap of faith"  it wasn't feeling so dreamy. Then, I started working in the city, I felt alive!! I was surrounded by new sounds, and sights, and the hustle bustle of people everywhere. I began to LOVE my walk to work each morning, seeing cutting edge fashion , and personal style that just oozes out of every doorway. Watching the city transform each season from beautiful flowers and flowing skirts, to bare trees and bulky sweaters.
 I remember the first day I walked out of the beautiful showroom I was working at, across from Gramercy Tavern, and the T.V Show "The Soprano's" was being filmed on our street. I remember noticing how the true New Yorkers, really didn't give it much thought, it seemed they all had very important places to
( I became THAT person only 2 short years later) Then in one day, I met Natalie Portman, AND I worked with Drew Barrymore.I  helped her (Drew) design her powder room. I remember trying to be so cool, acting as if I didn't know who she was, and running back to get her samples and FUH-Lipping out! It was a great life!! I quickly learned, that flip flops are NOT the best shoe choice when walking 15 blocks everyday to work, with 2 subway changes.(SO GROSS) I learned that if it is a rainy day in the city, you are going to get umbrella, or rain boots, or fancy raincoat, is going to stop it from happening. I learned how to hale a cab like a real New Yorker,( don't act desperate, cabbies can sense these things!) and how to order my coffee from the street vendor, like a true New Yorker "Light and sweet", instead of a 20 something from Michigan, "with cream and sugar please". As time passed by in the city, I grew more and more fond of our life here. As A designer, I quickly learned what it meant when someone said "Pre-War building", or "Kosher Kitchen" and to have literally every showroom I have ever used as a designer in Michigan, right at my finger tips..what a treat!!

My sister and I at the Natural History Museum

Friends came all the time, and we loved showing everyone the sights, and wearing the invisible "I'm A New Yorker Badge". We spent crazy nights in Soho, peaceful days in Central park, and the occasional Fireworks show or Museum visit was mixed in too. I LOVED my days in the city, and I love that with just one song, I can so quickly be taken right back to that time in my life! Its a life I no longer want, but so so so grateful that I had it ;) 

This was the weekend we moved to NY...before I had a good camera :)

The first time I bought a fake Prada!! lol..thats not my thing anymore!!
Sushi date

Beautiful Central Park

Now, we get to enjoy all of the amazing opportunities this city has to offer with Liam, what a gift. I'm so glad we decided to stay open to new possibilities, and just took that leap, and Im so grateful for the time we have spent here ;) and..the time we will continue to spend here..until the next "Leap" comes our way ;) I have learned SO much from being in and around this beautiful city, but the biggest thing I have learned, is to just leap once in a have NO idea whats going to come your way if you do!! :)

Question for you!! What "Leap" are you trying to decide on? or, have you already taken one? what was it..please share!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Emalina said...

I remember your leap!!!! I love that David Gray takes you back to those early moments in NYC. Every time I hear the Garden State soundtrack or Seal's Love Divine (right? so odd, but it played on VTC's musak ALL the time), I remember your leap to NYC. And how sad & exciting it all was rolled into one. I have you to thank for my 1st EVER trip to NYC & so many fun & amazing memories. I have no leaps pending at the moment, but this post is a good reminder to make a leap soon!!! I'll keep you up to speed post jump!

Design Thoughts said...

Emalina!! SO many of my early memories of "good times" include YOU! Who could forget New Years Eve..and "New Friends" we met ;) OH, and then that generous bum that gave us his alcohol that we would rather not discuss hahaha!!! You were for sure part of the support team that helped me eaaaazzee on in to NYC ;) Love ya

tiny by design said...

I love this post! I just lept into my first art show application! I am so nervous and have so much to learn but reading this reminds me that I have so much to gain from the experience! Thank you for writing this!

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