Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thoughts on Stuff..and expensive Gelato

I almost wrote a post yesterday on being un-inspired, ya know...like being in a rut? I have not been able to see inspiration lately...which really sucks, because I consider myself a creative person, and I KNOW that I am surrounded by a gajillion inspirational things every minute. Really. Its just that sometimes, I close my eyes to all of it..I'm not entirely sure why, maybe to take a break, but more than likely, its so I can wallow in a little sadness to get my creative self back. (does that even make sense?) Getting back to that "almost" at the beginning. I almost wrote a whole post about this, that is, until I dragged myself to my painting table, to complete a very sweet little phonetic "J" monster for a fellow blogger, ( which she will be featuring soon, its a biggie, so stay tuned:)  and as I was painting...inspiration struck. It was that fast. I had literally been playing the victim role in the movie called my life, which I do so profoundly, with a close girlfriend of mine, explaining how "I just felt UGH,and I don't think it was because my period was due" 
(oh please, I can talk about my period, I'm a mom..lol) and "I'm not sure about this and that..blah"...and then..poof..inspiration. As I was painting, I was thinking..how can I serve? how can I give back ( A question on my mind a lot lately) and it hit me, I want to give back to hard working families who need beautiful spaces, to help get them out of a rut!! I began to think...I need to find a foundation that has been created, so i can donate a portion of my proceeds from my interiors jobs, and from my Design Thoughts Shoppe..then I started to think big, really BIG..What if..what if I STARTED A FOUNDATION myself?? 
What if? 
Anyway, my creative energy was back, and it felt so great!! I hate being in a rut, but I love coming out of one!! Sooooo......does anyone know how to start a Foundation?  :) 

SO this brings me to my next thought of the day... Indulgence!! Indulgence always helps me out of a rut!! I found the most Amazing, Scrumptious, Delicious, Outrageous Gelato EVER! and that's a bold statement, but I am willing to stand beside it until someone can prove me wrong..
Talenti Sea Salt Carmel!! 

Its is SO good..I cant even tell you the price of one of these little cuties,($6.99) because my husband reads this blog, and he would do a somersault right at his desk, since we are on a very strict budget lately. 
He will, however, be so excited to see I snagged him A pistachio! I don't even like pistachio!

Between thinking about being able to create a foundation..not caring about the how, but knowing the idea is the first step anyway, AND eating Sea Salt Carmel Gelato, I am feeling so much better :)

Last thought...Im home with a sick kiddo today, and it breaks my heart to see him like a limp biscuit. I hate it so much when he is sick, but on a selfish side note, I love the extra snuggles and kisses he needs.

Have a great Tuesday, and feel free to share some of YOUR indulgences, I love to see what people spend money on, or maybe its not even something you buy..maybe your indulgence is You time..if so, tell me your secret, do you schedule it?!!



tracie davis said...

When I get to go off and be alone to indulge I like to go sit at the bar at Bravo, drink Champagne and eat Meatball sliders. Yes, you read that right...champagne and meatball sliders. YUM.

Rebecca Lazaroff - belle and beanzer said...

First, I ADORE Talenti Gelato! I haven't had the sea salt caramel, though. YUM!! my big indulgence is a bottle of chateau nefu du pape. When it's quiet, I pour a glass...a little dark chocolate to go with...I feel pretty indulged :) I don't know much about foundations, myself. But, I might have some info to pass to you to help get you started!

bonniebelle said...

::runs out to find Sea Salt Caramel gelato immediatly!:: My indulgance is old episodes of Private Practice or mahjong on my phone. Both of which I do after my daughter has fallen asleep in my arms and assuming I didn't fall asleep with her! No help with the foundation except to say, "go you!" Dream big or go home!

insideways said...

I've tried both of those flavors of Talenti gelato and they. are. amazing!! Also, why don't all ice cream makers package their goods in clear containers? Ice cream is so delicious looking and pretty :)

Glad to hear you escaped your rut!! xox

Design Thoughts said...

Tracie!! HA!! I love meatballs too!! LOL

Insideways: And the screw on lid, brilliant!!!

Rebecca: Dark Chocolate, and is that wine? YUM!

Bonniebelle: Ive never heard of Mahjong!! Ill have to check it out :)

My Crafty Home Life said...

Kim, I just went "old school" to the party store and picked up colored celophane paper to wrap gifts. When I was in HS I worked in an elegant gift store and wrapped the gifts. Then it hit me...why aren't I spending energy giving lovely gifts? I know how, and it's not expensive. So that is my indulgence, offering a lovely presentation to those I care about.

The Emily's said...

Oh ruts.....
Indulgences..... Me time. Selfish, yes. Desperate, you betcha. A necessity, absolutely. Two things I LOVE is a hot ans sweaty ZUMBA class with all the ladies. Shakin' a little booty with the girls has a magical way of bringing me out of ANY funk. Secondly, a few perfect coat of nail polish on(that matches) fingers and toes. There is something about crisp polish that makes everything right in the world.
Foundation.... you go girl. Let me know if there is anything I can do on this end. :)

Design Thoughts said...

Michelle!! THANK you for reminding me how much I love matching toes and fingers!! its been a while!! :) and THANK YOU!! I will let you know about the foundation ;)

Design Thoughts said...

Linda! I agree!!! I LOVE giving pretty gifts too! and what A great idea to use colored celephane!! ( hey everyone, go check out My Crafty Home Life for many great ideas!!)

BigPlansLittleVictories.com said...

That gelato looks amazing. I bet it can cure most ailments. :)

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