Monday, April 9, 2012

Not my style...except it is!!

I love it when I look at a picture, or an installation, and I think, I cant believe I love this, its not even MY style!! Then I remember..if it moves me, if it "calls" to me..then its totally MY STYLE ! It may not be a style that  I use in my home, but if I love it, I love it!!  This picture, helped me have one of "those" moments....before this pic, I would say I a was not a "Large Floral" girl....I think I just never saw it done well..or, more likely, as I get older, my likes, and interests are changing, and that includes what I am attracted to ( just in Interiors love, don't worry ;) ..take a look at a beautiful interior space, done right!! I Love the color,( mostly because I am obsessed with yellow right now!)  the floral, the response I have to it, AND the fact that the picture is actually being taken from a mirror!! 
PS...I am a guest Blogger over at Mod Design Guru today..check it out to see my latest find while antiquing!!

Happy Monday!!


A "cheery" disposition said...

love all the yellow. you can't help but feel cheery when you see yellow.

Design Thoughts said...

I know!!! And who doesnt love to feel Cheery ;) Ps...I love your blog..I just checked it out!! Excited to follow you!

tracie davis said...

I know exactly what you mean - I would never choose this for my house, but when I see how beautifully it is put to together - love! You have a great eye!

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