Friday, April 13, 2012

Mommy Moments: Oil and water..literally

Last weekend, as we were coloring Easter Eggs, and trying to "marbleize" one of them using Oil and Lemon Juice...I was struck at how gross, and fun this mixture was, Liam loved the little "bubbles" that the oil made, and then adding in food coloring!! Fo-getta bout it!! He was crazy excited with this new weird mixture.. I decided to let him FEEL it!! I got out a cookie sheet, let him pour the water and the oil, and let him add the food coloring!! I'm telling you, it kept us busy for an entire 30 minutes..which, if you have a toddler, 30 minutes of doing just one thing, is like finding gold!! I asked him to explain how it felt, and what it looked like. I gave him utensils to stir it with, and just let him make a mess,(PS.. don't forget the towel underneath, I did until about half way through)  its always the messiest projects that are the most fun!!  All you need for this little sensory project is:

Vegetable Oil
Food Coloring
Cookie sheet or pan

That oil feels weird!!

Lets add food coloring!!!

"Look at the Bubbles Mama!!"

"Lets do it again Mama!!"

Here is a little video I took during the project. By the way, the "Smasher" that he is talking about in the video is a potato masher ;)!!!



I hope you are enjoying your Friday!! I have 2 super fun projects planned this weekend, One will turn out for sure( adding some succulents) and one, may be a disaster, or may turn out super cool, either way, you will be reading all about both next week...:)
Enjoy your weekend!!

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