Monday, April 2, 2012

I AM....

I woke up this morning feeling like there wasn't enough hours in the day, let alone this week, like I didn't have enough energy, like I wasn't skinny enough, like I wasn't ENOUGH!!  its not a good feeling! SO I am on the journey to shift those thoughts today, and I would love for you to come with me!!! Its time for a party!!!!! I want to see who you are, the beautiful juicy, delicious you! why? because in truth, I need to be reminded of who I am, the great parts of me, the beautiful juicy, I invite you to link up with me today, add your blog or website, with a post listing all of the great things about YOU. If you don't have a blog or a website, share this link with a message at the top to Twiiter or Facebook, telling me Who you are, then leave a comment with your twitter or facebook address..Lets stand in our beauty together, and remind ourselves that we have a lot to offer!!!
SO, here it goes..deep breath...


A mommy
A Soul Mate
A Daughter
A Best Friend
A sister
A Seeker
Training for a 10K
A helper
An optimist
Abundant in so many ways
A woman of many layers
A writer
A painter
A warrior princess
A Mama Goddess
A Designer of many things
A lover of beauty
A creator of happiness

Ahhhhh...I am feeling better already :) Please join me, I would love to celebrate all of the wonderful things you can offer :)

SO much love on this sunny Monday!!!!


tracie davis said...

Hi Kim! I have these days all the time...this is a great way to motor through it! Okay, now my deep breath. I am:

the best momma I can be
a business owner
a happy wife
an artist
a writer
a loyal friend
surrounded by great people
a dreamer
goal achiever
so happy to be a part of this blog:)

...not sure if I did this right. Maybe I should add that I am not techincally sound:)

Design Thoughts said...

Aww its perfect Tracie!! Thank you!! Its all about getting a list for yourself to see, and others to be able to read, so you whether you put the list on your own blog and link your blog to mine, or write your list as a comment, its all the same :) Love you!!

tracie davis said...

Oh, I should have put it on my blog...I see. I have gotten some traffic from your site! Now I know why! I never claimed to be all that smart:) Let me try again!

Design Thoughts said...

ahhaa!! Tracie!! YOU ARE SMART!! it seriously doesnt matter,,,the point is just to get your list out there...but I saw your blog post :) Its awesome!! Love you

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