Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition!!

Well, it's that time again!! actually, Wednesday was that time again, but as per usual me, I am behind.. Whatev. Sherry and John tweeted me to re-assure me I had until Tuesday to "link up" .  okay, okay  "Technically", they did tweet me, however, it came after a tweet that I sent stating that I was behind...(Twitter makes everyone friends :)..anyway, if you don't know what I am talking about..I'm talking about the Pinterest Challenge: Winter addition that Young House Love, Katie Bower, Hi Sugar Plum, and
The Great Indoors, are hosting.

I have actually done a few Pinterest inspired DIY projects since the last challenge, like this mirror out of Paint sticks, and the stencil that I started..(see the post below this and enter to win, it closes Sunday), but this time I wanted to pick a small project that was not going to take a lot of time. I decided to do a studded Letter. I used Silver Nickel thumb tacks to create the look.

Materials Used:

Floral Foam ( $4 with Michaels Coupon)
Blue Paint ( already had)
400 Nickel Thumbtacks ( $4 )
Total: $8

I started with the Floral foam, from Michael's

I drew an "S" for my last name..(Salter, in case you are wondering and/or care)

I decided to paint the background a dark blue, so if there were spaces between tacks
it would'nt be as noticeable..I had a little help with that part  :)

THIS was my inspiration by the way..originally pinned from The Glitter Guide.

And here is my final result! I am actually pretty happy with it :)( after looking at the pictures though, I am going to continue the tacks on the sides)
 My plan is to put it on the new shelves that will be hung above my new desk, after I complete my new stencil wall...sooo, sometime in the summer I should have a great picture of it placed exactly where I want it  haha!! Love looking at all of your "challenge" projects!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


tracie davis said...

Kim! I love that! I am totally going to steal that idea...along with the art area, along with the stencil wall, along with the cool light fixture, along with....pretty much everything you have done!

Rebecca Salter said...

Love it on the shelf. Shows its size more here! And with the mirror-LOOKS GREAT!

P.S. Liam did and awesome paint job! :)

Designology Interiors said...

Love the S Kim! I've been wanting to make the letters covered in yarn... and this tack one too!

Design Thoughts said...

Thanks girls!!
Merry!! The yarn covered letters are awesome!! Cant wait to see!!

Mrs. Great Indoors said...

What a neat project, no matter if it was "on time" or not! I bet it'll look awesome in your new space with your new stuff! :-)

Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

Erin @ The Great Indoors said...

Thank you for the inspiration -- there are so many possibilities with this idea! I'm linking to your tutorial from the StyroCrafts Facebook page. Thanks! Sharon

Design Thoughts said...

Thanks so much Share @craftsncoffee :)

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