Friday, March 2, 2012

Mommy Moments: Transitions

There are many, many moments in mommy hood, that make you stop for a second, and notice that your baby is growing up. For me, this started when Liam was 7 weeks old, when we both finally caught on to the "nursing" thing that we were  struggling so hard to "get"! Next were the typical, rolling, sitting up, eating solids, weaning from breastfeeding ( although we lasted for 15 months!!) crawling, starting to talk..all of which made me shed many tears, but somehow, this last big shift in our family, has hit me so, so hard. My baby, who became a toddler so quickly, is not even a toddler any now a pre-schooler :( yes, he is only 2 1/2...and actually, I am not starting him in actual pre-school until next year, BUT there is a definite change.  Liam wants his independence more than anything right now. He wants to be in charge of his decisions, and this is hard. I find myself, questioning what the right steps are..
( is this a Discipline moment ?or a teaching moment?..yes..I know its all a teaching moment, but please just pretend that you know EXACTLY what I'm saying ;))
He asks questions, and understands things....he remembers everything...just this week, he and I were in Home Goods, and in a moment of  craziness, I didn't get a cart for him, he wanted to walk...he did AWESOME. He listened, and "Didn't touch" ,  And when we walked past a tower of ceramic cake stands, that were colored in beautiful pastels, he asked, "doze ahh fwagile mama?" and looked up to me with his big blue eyes. (yes Liam. those ARE fragile) I seriously almost melted. 
I'm sad. that's the truth. There is a big part of me, that finally gets, really GETS what everyone tells you when you are pregnant, "Enjoy EVERY single minute, it goes by in a flash" well...I'm seeing the flash now, and know that there are many flashes in my future. Its such a mix for me, so sad to see him grow up, but so incredibly, proud and in awe, of the little person he is becoming! but PS..there is NO way, I mean, even for the most laid back mama's to enjoy EVERY minute..really?? I mean..EVERY single minute?...let's talk about truth here mama's, shall we?? I am, someone, who enjoys moments, I look around, I take mental snapshots, I am IN IT..I love IT..BUT,  I gotta say..its not always easy. Do I always feel BLESSED? YES! Do I always THANK GOD for this little miracle in our lives? YES!! DO I still cry, at the very thought that "he is really ours, we actually MADE him" Absolutely. I mean every single time I see a picture, or think of THAT moment, when I held him for the first time, I get choked up, and am thankful that for one moment, I was literally in the midst of a miracle taking place.
But as mama's, working outside, or inside of the home, I think we need to give ourselves a break, surround ourselves with an amazing support system, and start to recognize when we need a break ( I mean like, a spa break, not like a, run to the store to go grocery shopping with out your child, break, although there are days that grocery shopping with out a toddler feels like a spa break!! HAHA) ).
I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE being a mommy..I mean it, I really love it. I even feel like there should be a better, stronger, more intense, word than "love" to describe how one feels about their child, like ..."EXPANSALOVESMOOCHAGOOEY" or something..right? anyway, peeps....shall we move onto something designy?? thanks for listening...feel free to comment and make me feel better, tell me your transition stories, or a more eloquent way of describing the love for your child ;)

THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS POST....we are changing Liams nursery...into a BIG boy room!!! ( you SEE the emotion one  transition evokes!)
So, here  is the beginning of my brain storming!!

I love this entire combo...Orange, Green, Navy, with a print, and this is what I am leaning towards..

A sweet DIY yarn pendant?

Or maybe a stripe?  Love the idea of making a clock on his wall..

My big "almost" 3 yr old in Florida

 SO that is the very start of my brainstorming! all sources for pictures are Here

Have an awesome weekend :)!!



Studio Bliss said...

Love that idea of making the clock, Kim!! It could be his artwork in the frames-such a great idea <3
We're in the same boat with Kaitlyn and I get emotional because this is my last baby :)

Deidre Interiors said...

I love all you ideas! I totally want to make the yarn pendant for my office (in gold I think) and I need a pouf in my house!Looks like some great DIY ahead!

Design Thoughts said...

wOULD love TO SEE THE YARN pendant in Gold Deidre!! Keep me posted!!

tracie davis said...

Hi! I felt every word of this post! I love the orange and blue combo as well! Thanks for sharing!

Jessie said...

The first room is fabulous, love the color combo! Very modern and chic, perfect for a child's room.

P/S: Come by and enter my pillow giveaway if you like. :)


Design Thoughts said...

Thank you Jesse!! Im hopping over to check out your give away now :)

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