Friday, February 3, 2012


Okay..I'm typically pretty current with the goings on around the Internet, especially when it comes to the design world. Im not entirely sure how I missed Oilioboard, and how long its been around!!! If you don't know it yet, check it out!! its sure to waste many hours! In simple terms, its an online tool, to create mood boards! So check out my first one below!! I have used Photo shop, and like it, but there is a lot to learn, with Oilioboard, its quick, and easy, you can pull from their library, or download your own photos, which for me, and any other designer out there, is great for your clients!!
G and I are in the process ( albeit, a painstakingly sloooow process..) of re-doing our office area. Remember, we are renters, so there are some things that we cant change, the color of the wood floor for example, and the fact that I would love more than anything to have crisp white moldings, but, when renting, you just have to live with some things ;)

What started our whole remodel? (actually, remodel is a VERY hefty word..its actually a re-decorate)waaaay back in November, when I was contacted by Cutting edge stencils, to try out one of their designs ( of my choosing) so I picked, and they sent, and the box is STILL sitting, right next to the 2 gallons of paint. BUT, this mood board, is a kick in my A, to get moving on it, because really, its YOU guys who I am affecting here, WHY ??you ask...because, I have an amazing giveaway to GO with the great stencil review...but I cant review it, until I do get the picture.
So see my Oilioboard creation below.
My goal is to add a pop of color, and I am hoping to do this with a new pendant, and accessories. We desperately need a new desk lamp, and I would love to get a vintage brass or a colorful task light, The stencil design that I chose is to the side, and if you click on THIS link, you can see a better shot of my choice. The chair we have now, is nice, and in fact I won it back in my days of Design School while in New York City, attending a design Show ( girls, do you remember?) so i love it, but its uncomfortable. Its just not gonna fly the more and more time I am spending sitting on it :) and the desk we have now...holy cats, its from those SAME days of college, and its from Target, in MAPLE! So we will be getting a cheap, but cool white desk from Ikea. I cant wait to show you the ACTUAL progress..soon. I promise!!

As I get more things for the office, I will add to the board, and as I get the painting done, I will share actual pictures!! Wish me luck!!

Happy Friday!! I am off with L to the Manhattan Children's Museum and a special lunch with daddy :)



deidreondesign said...

Olioboard is fun!!!

Rebecca Salter said...

Love the new lighting ideas! Have a great day in the city with the boys :)

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