Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally Stenciling!! Part 1

Hi Guys!! I am so excited to finally be doing a post on STENCILING!! Back in November, I was contacted by Kerry, of Cutting edge stencils to do a product review! I was able to pick any stencil design I
wanted  ( how fun, right?? I picked this one)  and they sent me every thing I need to do it. I was SURE that I would get to it by December...well, its now February, and I am just getting a sliver of time , and I am so excited to dive right in!!

I started by covering our old wall color ( which was called Stone, but I forget who by!) with Behr Premium Ultra, Paint and Primer in one, Color: Burnished Clay.  Since the first coat is actually the under color of the stencil, I didn't have to be so careful (thank God). I should also mention, I will be painting the surrounding walls also!

I am showing you the pear, because I know the paint looks like its white, but its actually a very very light grey. The white pear, shows the true color a little better!

I have to say, this is the first time I have used paint with primer already mixed in, and I LOVE it, I painted this wall sooo quickly, that by the time the Superbowl starts in 2 hours, I will be able to start the actual stencil :) see below, I am trusting that I will have pics of the actual stencil work in this post!! ( ha..that's right, as I am writing this, I JUST got done painting the light grey, with *hopes* that I will get to the stencil by tonight).
I'm not gonna lie, I am A little nervous about starting the stencil..see video below, I know it's pretty time consuming, so I am trying to set myself up to have some patience ( NOT one of my best characteristics BTW)

I am so excited to get started!!!
OKay, well, Superbowl is in the 4th quarter, and , you guessed it, the stenciling has not begun....mostly because I have a very active, and hilarious 2.5 yr old who likes to run around naked screaming, "get your hand outta your butt dada, and turn dat game off" Wowza! I wish I were kidding!! it just wasn't in the cards tonight, no way husband could watch a game, and mama could do a stencil wall. And just for the record, G did NOT have his hand in his butt. So this has now become a 2 part post, and that's OK! Lesson number one of 2012..don't push projects, just to blog about feel me..enjoy the crazy life!! So stay tuned for an awesome reveal, and an awesome giveaway this week!!! And thank you again to Cutting Edge Stencils, I am sorry that the words "Hand outta your butt" were included in part one of the post about you, I promise, no talk of butts in the following posts!

Just for laughs, here is a pic of "L" dancing on the table during Madonna.

Enjoy your week !!!!


deidreondesign said...

I stenciled both my dining room and my tv room, people always assume it's wallpaper! The stencil in my dining is very similar to what you picked. I love light grey right now too...

Designology Interiors said...

Can't wait to see the stenciling!

Jenna Sue said...

I'm so excited to see the results!!

Design Thoughts said...

Deidre, would love to see your dining room!!

soul sister said...

so happy to have a few extra minutes to catch up on DT's blog!! I can't wait to see your finished pressure:) Glad to hear you allowed yourself to get caught up in the hilariousness that is a 2 year old!

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