Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Pinterest Inspired DIY mirror..Finally COMPLETE!

Its finally complete, whew..7 weeks after I got an idea from Pinterest, I am finally looking at MY version on my wall :) I came across this mirror while wasting countless hours creating mood boards on Pinterest, and I thought, I think I could do something similar! and for less moolah than $650! 
This is what I needed:

Paint Sticks
Gorilla Glue
Thin plywood board

Just in case you are interested, The paint sticks were FREE at Home Depot, I  told the paint counter man that I wanted to do a project for cheap, could I have 25 Paint sticks, and I will pay for them. He gave them to me, no nice! The Plywood board (you need for stability under the mirror, and to attach the paint sticks to) you could totally get at Home Depot, but I got mine at Michael's, already cut down, it was $6.99,  worth it, because I didn't want to cut it! I also got the mirror there, they had a million different sizes and shapes, but I decided on the 8"x 8" beveled square.
I used Gorilla Glue to adhere everything and it was AWESOME! You have to do as the instructions say and wet down the surfaces first! I didn't do this with one stick and it set me back 3 hours! I finally got smart and used a spray bottle!

The first thing I did after cutting the paint sticks into random sizes, is,  I began to lay them out into a pattern. I thought I would copy the Pinterest mirror as close as possible, but as I began to lay everything out, I didn't love it. So I decided to stack the paint sticks instead, and I LOVE how it turned out!! (pls forgive the first few awful photos..this was PRE awesome Santa gift..aka  new Olympus Pen Digital camera! Love it!!)

Laying out the Mirror and the paint sticks

Mmmm...Maybe?? no

Painted! little did I know it would be 6 weeks form this picture until I would actually do this post!
I should mention that there is NO reason other than being busy, that It took me so long.If I ever had even one block of like, 6 hours, I could have gotten this thing done in a day :)

All my pieces out and ready! ( aaaannnd ENTER new Camera!! )

Gorilla Glue rocks!

The last pieces are finally drying! I had a hard time finding heavy objects to sit
on top of the glued pieces!

A dramatic "reflection" picture for your viewing pleasure :)

I decided on even edges, but stacking the sticks to create some depth, and a few different levels!! I was so pleased with how it turned out :) Finally, A Pinterest Success!! ;)


And a Candid of my beautiful new camera that I love!

The space I chose to hang her, is a tiny little nook in our bedroom, its hard to photograph because there is Zero Light, but I think I am happy with it there!!!

Lots of love to you!! Gearing up for an amazing 2012!! Woo-hoo!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Design Thoughts!

I totally dropped the "Christmas Card" ball this year..or so I thought! As I kept receiving beautiful family photos, and amazing hand pressed Delicious Christmas cards, I grew overly guilty that for some reason, I just couldn't get it together this year!!( I should mention that I DID send out a few real cards..but no pics)  I am usually the one, who sends out that Christmas letter that you all hate, but I love, AND a photo card! I do this knowing full well, that people open them, take a look, ooh and ahh, and then toss em...there may be a very FEW friends that actually hang them up, either way, you know how I love to be included!! So as the guilt grew, I received an E-card/letter from my dad and Step mom, which they actually do every year, in fact, I would like to think of them as the "Pioneers" of  Christmas I opened the email, I ooohhhd and ahhd over all the family photos, then I closed the email, and opened it like 5 more times!! it occurred to me, this is the BEST idea EVER!! and I can totally do it RIGHT.NOW!!! So I did :) Here is this years SALTER FAMILY PHOTO CARD :)
Happy Holidays!! that pic of my husband at the beach not the most SPECTACULAR ? that, is some major ups right there!! Liam has the coolest daddy ever!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Real Life

Happy Sunday!! I hope your home is filled with warmth and cheer and amazing holiday
 smells (cinnamon, pine, cookies) like mine is today..and I just wanted to give you a small glimpse into my REAL world..on any given day, THIS is the tornado of life, that is my home :) and I wouldn't want it any other way !
( Don't you just LOVE seeing in other peoples homes?? me too!!)

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm A giant challenge: UPDATE

It's no secret..Im waaaay behind on this challenge..I think Ms. Emily said the contest ends on December 15th, but I just wont be done by then...sooo, I am carrying on, enjoying little pieces at a time, and remembering those days when I was 9, 10, 11..okay lets face it..13, playing with my super special dollhouse.

So far I have:

Painted brick fireplace
Stained Mantel
Painted walls
Cut trim
Painted trim
Stained the Floors
Painted the casing
Bid on about 150 different furniture pieces on Ebay and lost

What I still need to do:

Paint the Ceiling
Touch up the walls
"hang" my super funky oversized number wallcovering
Style the space
Get furniture
Repair and re-stain stairs
Fix windows
Make new door
Create very tiny Roman Shades
Paint old furniture

You can kind of see the wall color here, but I refuse to make it bigger, because there is white paint on the back wall from a trim I glued up that wasn't entirely dry...I have no patience..

Railing needing repair, but you can at least see the wall color a little better

Also, I went through all of my old "furniture" most of it hand made by me when I was 9...I think I might use a few. Also found a pretty sweet brass coat tree in my stash, and an old bubble gum machine ornament..oh, and what dollhouse doesn't need a fake bird ahahaha!!

A loooow coffee table that I "hand crafted" at age 9 ;)

The super sweet brass coat tree!

Hmmm should I do Roman shades, or just try to re-use these ? HAHA!! Ps..I had a matching dress to these drapes and so did my cabbage patch doll, Erin Adelina. I remember my mom sewing them and thinking it was so awesome that the curtains matched my dress..ahhh to be 9 again..

Im going to try to use these funky post cards from IKEA, as wall covering for the wall opposite the fireplace. I just need to buy another pack!

My wall covering and "rug" for the living room!

So that's the latest and the greatest, I cant wait to see what everyone else is doing!!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mommy post: sunday snippet..


I will be adding more pics as day turns to night, im sure..ever have one of those days..when you have a toddler who is cranky pants, but it doesn't give you anxiety, or make you angry, or makes you "check" your temper? it just makes you love them even more? that's my little booga deets this weekend..its been soo pitiful, that Grant and I have had to turn away, so he doesn't see us giggle...poor babe, the angst of being 2 1/2!!

This is how the day started smiles !!!

A little Nutella, and a mommy who apparently was not fast
enough to wipe hands = if looks could kill the way, I probably don't need to add this, but just in case you are wondering, me, flashing pictures in the midst of his terrible grumpies, only escalated each situation..yet I kept doing it..don't judge...I want proof of his 2's when he has kids of his own ;)

See second above almost positive thats what Liam was thinking when his terrible mommy asked him if he wanted mac and cheese, or A turkey sandwich for lunch.

The poor has just been a super rough Sunday, and all joking aside, if he wakes up tomorrow as a little sickie, I will not be entirely surprised..fingers crossed he is just having a bad day.



**UPDATE** nap hopes of happiness were quickly diminished
( as SOON as he woke up)

Friday, December 9, 2011

A gift..Pass it on

Do you have a blog? a website?  A facebook Page? Yes?? then please...pass on this video. Im going to continue this gift train.   It started with my friend Samantha, from Vintage is for Lovers....she posted this amazing video that SHE saw on her moms FB page. THEN,  My friend Rebecca, of Belle and Beanzer, watched it on Samantha's blog, and posted it to hers, I was infected as soon as I watched it on Rebecca's blog!! Confused? no need to be..just take 10 minutes ( I know..I even winced at taking 10 precious minutes from MY day..but please trust me..its so worth it) and watch this video, its a gift, and I am passing it on from my dear friends, to you..and I hope you pass it on too.


Lots of love on this sunny New York Day...a true gift.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Official!!!

I have been in the mood for a change!!! SO here it is!! I am now New Owner, and Author of

YAAAYY !!  I have my very own domain name!! I feel so grown up! and surprisingly, this small change has completely filled that crazy part of my brain that is always seeking least for now!!

Stay tuned for some minor housekeeping type changes over the course of the next few months :)


Monday, December 5, 2011

Its time!!

**warning: this post dives a little deep for a brief moment, if you are up for it, stick around, if not, see you on the flip side later this week ;)***

Lately, I have been feeling like there are just NOT enough hours in the day to complete everything I want to. Currently, I have (3) projects under construction. I have not been devoting the time that I think I should. I started to feel super anxious about the un-done projects among a million other things. Then, A few weeks ago...I attended a very enlightening workshop on prosperity, it was a circle setting, focusing on getting to the core of your money story through meditation and visualization..and what is blocking you from success. It was about abundance, not just "money" abundance, but finding whatever it is that abundance means to you, whether it be success, love, money or all of them and more. We each see it differently.( the workshop was about much much more, but for the point of this post, I will keep it short) Well..this workshop helped me to see what my "money/success story is.  I am awesome at manifesting..I can bring really great things to me, I have always been able to do it if I am clear, and my intent is pure ( and if the timing is right) but I'm so NOT good at the follow ups! I get to a place of feeling like I am on the verge of something big, and then, it just falls away. Well, I figured out a secret about myself a few weeks ago, and I wasn't really ready to share with too many people, because it makes me feel very vulnerable , but, here it goes...I found out that I am afraid of success!! SO CRAzY right?? I mean, ANYONE who knows me, can attest to the fact that I am a Super confident, dont take Sh*t from anyone type of girl, I know what I want, and I usually get it ( in a non spolied brat, not "entitled" way, of course :) so when I found out "my truth",  it absolutly floored is my story...
"I have a fear of Success because of a deeper fear of being judged. If  Money = Success which=visbility than I fear I will be judged. Being small is safe"   AHHHHHH!!!!  Can you believe makes no sense, but SO much sense. You would imagine that someone who is blocking herself from success, would not want to start a blog about design/mommyhood/my life since people will be reading the words that..GASP..I write!! Anyway...I am so happy to have learned this, along with the tools that are helping me work through it, and thank you to Marin, who led the circle!! I am telling you, because I feel like it is part of MY process...sharing something like this isnt for everyone, but simply by me writing it, is helpful! now onto the (3) projects, which, by the way, I truly have no idea when I will finish, but I am feeling less stressed about it :) these are suppose to be FUN, remember :)

A crazy mirror that has been painted in pieces in my basement for 5 weeks,
just needing to be glued together! here is a pic of it JUST after the pieces were cut from paint sticks
( its a Pinterest idea)

The "I'm A giant " Challenge

As you can see, I have stained the floor... I also have trim drying as I write, and navy blue walls ready for artwork..along with a super cool sofa from Ebay!
Picture to follow once everyhting dries!

And finally, I was contacted by a top stencil company to try their stencils (yay!)
I have all of the things I need from them, and have decided I will be stenciling our dining room
I am just trying to decide between colors! ( for 2 weeks)
Traditional Grey with white accent, or, Blue Grey with a light grey accent

Optiona A. Option B.

SO there you have it, a little bit about whats been going on with the real me :) You know, nothin big, just trying to live my truth :)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving trip to MI

As I was going through the pictures that I took this trip home to MI, I realized I took zero pictures of our actual Thanksgiving dinners!!  So this is a total mommy post, really, because as usual, I took over 400 pics, and they were pretty much ALL of Liam :) SO, here is a photo frenzy of our very quick trip back to MI!!

Me and My sissy, Tomi :)

Yum!! Somehow, the cousins are eating Ice Cream, and Liam is eating Yogurt!! I dont think he realized!! ha!

Enjoying some of the benefits of being the little one ;) Rides with older cousins!!

Enjoying some "Beach" time and Gram and Gramp Salter's house

Time to ride Horses with Grampa Garret!!

We went and looked at Christmas lights!!

More cousin time!! Older Cousins, Ariel, Hayden, Shyanna and Ethan, all loved taking care of Liam :)
And Liam loved it too!!

Time for Visits with Grampa Byron and Gramma Mary Ann...That means...CUPCAKES!!!!
I think it was only once that Liam literally had 3 cupcakes for dinner...

Fun With Cousin Gracie!!

 In our family trip whirlwind, I even was able to catch up with some DEAR friends and have a little girl time!!

My soul sister's, Tracie and Kristie :)

It was a quick trip, but a great trip. We are always so sad to leave. This year we decided we will not be going to MI for Christmas, since Liam is excited for the first time about Santa coming, so...see you in 2012 Michigan :)