Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mommy Post: LylahG (Etsy Holiday Love)

I'm a day late on the "Monday" holiday Etsy Gift options!! But with good reason! I was at home in MI celebrating my gratitude with my family ( a post on that trip to come).  That doesn't mean that my next Etsy pick isnt just as special to me as all the others, if anything, LylahG may be the most special! For one, how ADORABLE are these amazing little handmade "wares" ?? Are you already falling over from the cuteness?? me too...the other reason why I love LylahG?? Because My good friend Jill, is the owner and Creator. Jill and I go allll the way back to the days of Kendall College of Art and Design! Late nights up until 2am trying to finish presentations, and days filled with coffees and talking...but that's not why I picked LylahG, I picked it because I love what Jill creates! Warm, handmade,  beautiful things! and if you are wondering, Lylah is Jill's adorable daughter/model :)
take a look!!

The beautiful Ms. Lylah

Just STOP!! Are these not the most delicious little babes EVER,
and the cutest little hats in the world??

OMG just look at this little peanut pie, could you just eat him UP or what??!!

Jill also makes the cutest little baby leg warmers , mitty's and booties!! 
All handmade, all adorable! just look..

Newborn Owl Beanie

I even have the Newsboy cap for Liam, getting a picture of him IN the hat, so you can see his blue eyes shine..not an easy thing , this is the best I could do! I can tell you, its adorable ;)

Jill has created a beautiful product, and because of her passion for her work, she has also created a beautiful following!! you can find LylahG in the following places!!

On Etsy ( LylahG )

(if you get a chance..please "like" her..I do ;)

In the "Hotlanta" area ( okay im not cool, we know)
Find LylahG products in The Beehive Boutique

She is featured in The Holiday guide
AND if that's not enough, she has a great blog called, of course,
LylahG, check it out HERE

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!! LylahG is offering Design Thoughts readers
A 20% discount on all Etsy items through December!! Just enter DESIGNTHOUGHTS20
at checkout!!

Enjoy your week :)


Thursday, November 24, 2011


As i am writing this, i am in the midst of a 13 hour plus, ride back to i look around, there are no words to describe how thankful I am :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

ps...this is the first time i have ever "posted" from my crossing fingers it works..let me know!!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Etsy Holiday Guide AND another brilliant artist!

Its MONDAY!!! that means that its time for me to tell you about another great Artist from Etsy, for my Holiday Etsy Guide. Before I tell you about my selected artist today ( whom I love) I want to announce that there are (3) winners for the Seaside Inspired Birch Snowflake ornaments!! Yippee!  CONGRATS to Morgan, Tracie, and Rebecca!! and thank you to everyone else that entered!

Now, onto Mandipidy! This summer, I was browsing Etsy, and came across Mandipidy's shop. I absolutely fell in love with her style, and ideas, and was completely sold when I saw her "map" of Michigan. As you all know, I am from Michigan, and my whole family is still there, I miss them all very much ( and my friends), it just seemed like the perfect addition to our home here in New York!! In fact, I loved this shop so much, that as soon as I received my "Michigan, The Great Lakes State" print, I did a post on her shop, you can see it here.  So, of course, I couldn't leave Mandipidy out of the Etsy Holiday guide!! I should mention, that all of Mandy England's prints, are her own artwork, professionally printed on heavy textured card stock, I'm telling you, the prints look just like canvas artwork!! Here are a few of my fav's:

You can totally see the quality, and texture here!

I also just saw, that Mandipidy now has lovely little necklaces, and in my metal of the moment, BRASS!!! This one reminds me of my good friend, Sarah..

All of these prints are GREAT gifts for anyone in your family, and they start at just $18 !! Such a great deal too!! also, until the end of November, Mandipidy is offering a special discount just for YOU, my awesome readers. Please take an additional 15% off your order, with special code : DESIGNTHOUGHTS15

And please take a moment to support independent artist!! You can find Mandy England, and Mandipidy here:


Enjoy Your Monday!! Its a short week Y'all WOOT WOOT!!!

PS..Do you know Jonathan Adler?? Yes? well then enter to win A Jonathan Adler Giraffe Ornament from The Well Dressed Home, Here

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kiss my Pretty BRASS!!

I, like the rest of the design community have become UHB-SESSED with brass!! As I was looking through the thousands of things I have pinned lately, It became very clear that I too, have fallen in love with the new brass trend!
Take a look, and tell me if you love it, or hate it...well, hate is a strong word, if you feel more comfortable, you can borrow the words of a dear friend of mine, Jamie.."me no likey" ( that wasn't about was about a different design idea, or, "piece" actually....hmm I' kind of babbling, but, that's what I do, I babble)
Just take a look...

I love this Brass Twig Accent table from Modern Chic Home

"Vintage" Brass Lamps! Love!

Brass Crane from

Brass Hippo!!!

Or how about this..any plastic toy animal, painted BRASS to make the cutest
little figurines, like this brass squirrel below!!! LOVE IT!!

How about you? what trends are you loving right now??

I hope are all enjoying your hump day ;)


Monday, November 14, 2011

Maisy and Alice..Another Etsy LOVE

Yes, it's Monday again! and as I write this, I am feeling overwhelmed (in a good way) with the feeling that I am doing EXACTLY what I should be doing in this life! I truly enjoy every second of writing this blog, and all of the amazing people I have met so far along this journey. So, a Thank you to all of you who read, and enjoy Design Thoughts, for giving me the virtual "validation" and Support  that I need ;) Muah!

Now onto the goodies!! Today, As part of my Monday "Etsy Holiday Finds" guide, I am bringing you a quaint little English Etsy shop called Maisy and Alice. This is a shop filled with Vintage and decorative paper garlands and mobiles, recycled from vintage maps and books and the prettiest papers, AND quirky handmade merino wool felt jewelry. One of the things I love the best about Maisy and Alice, is that all of their pieces are one of a kind, no 2 the same! here, take a look!

I love this Purist Door Hanger Ornament..and it maaaay just be mentioned again below ;)

3D Paper Mobile, "Heart String Belle"

Vintage Paper Garland "Vintage Dictionary Hearts"

Heart Strings Mobile In Pure White

Heart Strings Mobile, "Vintage Road Atlas"

3D paper Garland, "Ambrosia"

Does this Anna Merino wool Felt Bracelet, make you want to just curl up inside of it and enjoy a long winter!!?? okay, that's a little dramatic, but there is certainly something very homey and cozy and English countryside about it :) I love it so much!

So there are just a few of my favorite heart, and hand crafted items from Maisy and Alice
 PLEASE enjoy a 15% off discount when placing any order with Maisy and Alice through the month of December, just enter DESIGNTHOUGHTS15 at checkout!

Remember the Purist door Hanger ornament at the top ( first picture) ? I have one of these cutie pies to give away!! YIPPEEEEE ! Since its a PURIST ornament, the entry is going to be very simple.


Leave me a comment telling me you one thing you are grateful for..Thats it!!.

Please, take a quick moment to check out the Etsy shop for Maisy and Alice, they truly do put their heart and soul into each piece :) its worth a 5 minute look!  If you have more than 5 minutes, check out their Pinterest Boards Here

There will be (1) winner
Giveaway ends on November 28th, but please enjoy 15% off through December

Please only enter once

Winner will be chosen using

Thank you, and ENJOY YOUR MONDAY!!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Open Sky Pop Up Shop!

Last night, I was invited by my friend, Tyler, to come into Manhattan to celebrate the opening of
Open Sky , and their new pop up shop in Soho.  Dont know Open Sky?? Wellllll, its an amazing concept really, celeb designers, foodies, fashioistas, fitness gurus and more, come together to provide the public with their "favorite picks" for purchase at a disount..brilliant right?? Tyler is one of the newest Curators ( not to mention, um, an amazing designer, a great daddy and husband, and, oh yeah, that guy from HGTV's Design Star) ,with his pics going live next week ( cant wait to see!!) for more info, check it here, and please follow Tyler!!!! AND here is an invite just for you ;) it was so great to meet up with old friends, and meet new ones!! Take a look!!

The People

Me and Tyler

My plus 1 (and good friend), Michele, from Hey M Design Innovations blog

Michele, Tyler, Elise ( Here in this House) and Lana ( Making a House A home)

Im not gonna lie, at one point, we ( Im not telling you who the "we" is) stalked, in the least creepiest way possible, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, until we got him alone!! He is one of my fav's when it comes to reality TV!!! He was so nice, and of course, one of the curators.

Love him!!! ;)

The Product!

A Nancy O'dell Pick

A Kelly Bensimon pick ( she was there too and has legs that are as tall as I am FYI)

      The Buddha Bowls below, I died for!! $23!! LOVED

SO that was my night :) Anytime I venture into the city for a fun night, it reminds me how lucky I am to be surrounded with amazing people in my industry, and a well of Creativity that never stops flowing!! Thank you Tyler ;)

Ps..Have you all entered to win?  I have (2) giveaways happening as I type!!

Make sure you enter! Super cute stuff!!