Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday "Snippet" So Thankful




A few Red, White and Blue ! How do you show your love?



Friday, May 27, 2011

(Mommy Post) Surviving the morning...He's almost 2!

Ahhh...Approaching 2....I decided to chronicle our lives this morning, as best as I could, to show everyone what its like in my house, my life. As I write this, My sweet almost 2 yr old, should be taking his nap, instead, he is in his crib screaming "Moooommmm"  (not even Mama anymore..he has already moved on to calling for he is a big 6 yr old or something!!) and "BIPER" which means in the last 15 mins since I put him down, he has prob. stripped off  his clothes, and is now working on his some point I will go in and re-diaper him, but it will be AFTER he falls asleep. Everyday is a mix of laughter, tears, screams of anger, screams of excitement, smiles, hugs, bites, kicks, spills, stories, wonder, tantrums, talking, more hugging, more kissing, more screaming, and the occasional wiener dog assault. I wouldn't change a thing!!!

Good Morning Sweet Pea!!

Lets Get dressed!

No! Mama!! No!

I'm just gonna relax while you "try" to put my pants on me.

Who needs pants anyway!
 Melt Down #1 7:45am
I don't want shorts on!!

I'm Stiff as a cant pick me up mama and I took my shorts off!!

I decided it was time to go outside..a little fresh air!! Liam loves running and picking up rocks!!!

My sweet baby boy...running and having fun!!

Back inside for a diaper change and guess what...time for Melt Down # 2 (9am)


There are always great times too :) like the above Video of this beautiful rendition of Rock-a-bye-baby, and the almost meltdown, when I tried to rock him myself...

I like to give Liam choices about very simple things like what he would like to This is what happened next. "Liam, it was so warm out..lets get a can have Milk, or Water, which one would you like" Liam says, "NO no no Mama!!!  dont want Milk, JUICE, mama, Juice, Mama, Juice, Mama..
So as you can imagine....Melt down # 3 occurred and it was a doozie!! ...oh the hard decisions of a trying to be independent toddler :(

Time for the Duck Pond!!! One of our favorite spots!! a great Toddler play area and a huge duck pond with a paved path in Ridgewood, NJ!!


Watching the Ducks eat

Getting sleepy

Finally time to go home, start to relax, have some lunch, watch a little Max and Ruby and take a nap!!! Watch this funny video of Liam laughing at Max playing with a Lady Bug!!


I love this baby boy more than I can ever explain, more than words could ever say, Even on the 3 meltdown mornings, I could not imagine my life with out him!! Im so blessed to have such a sweet, sweet boy!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(Rooftop Gardens)

The best time to travel down the West Side Highway, in NYC is at dusk.....why?? because You can see inside all of the amazing penthouse apartments way up in the sky, and you can also see the amazing Rooftop terraces/Gardens with all of the outdoor lighting on, I always love the thought of what these "Gardens" must actually look like, and wonder if it would be enough "Green" for me in a city of concrete...after seeing these, I think the answer is YES!!

Enjoy your Wednesday!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pastel Obsessed

I was Etsy-ing the other night, and came across the most amazing ceramic cake plates, the colors were beautiful, soft pastels. About an hour after I saw the cake plates ( shown below) I found my self looking for more and more pastel!! Pastel everything, I am now obsessed and in love with Pastels!! Inspired by these beautiful ceramics!! Amazing job "Vessels and Wares"!! You have inspired me!!

I wish I had a huge WHITE kitchen with beautiful marble counter tops, so I could display all of the Delicious cakes and goodies I would bake..if I knew how to bake....

And then....I found THIS!!! My new Pastel Obsession tripled when I saw this INCREDIBLE vintage piece!! TO.DIE.FOR...and P.s I know I say amazing a lot,( which sucks because for some reason my "z" is not showing up when I preview...not sure why)  but I really am awed by a lot of stuff..Oprah says its way over used...and I love Oprah..but I disagree. Moving on..

Is this the most incredible Vintage storage piece you have seen?? I am trying desperately to find where this piece is actually from...I found it on House To Home which is a UK sight, but there isn't much info on it, so the search continues!

I just have to throw in a Pastel room, done the right way!! soft and clean but not too over the top! Love it!!
and since I am just "throwing things in" look at these great Pastel boots!! ( I told you, I am all of the sudden going Crazy over this shit...and I know I  really should say "stuff" not "shit" but this is actually how I talk, so I am leaving it as it is..sorry if I offend)

from or best offer New!!


and look at this sweet, peaceful Nursery! its from a blog that is new to me, and I have quickly become a stalker excited follower. Its called The Farmer Family. Great ideas and beautiful aesthetic.

or this bedroom, from another AWESOME blog called House Of Turquoise

and Finally, a dreamy, magical, pastel-ie print...I LOVE

  Enjoy your Monday!!