Monday, January 31, 2011

Its the BEE'S Knees!!!

So many designs are inpired by all things Nature, The "Honey Bee" inspired, are my favs! Some people think that Honey Bees, or Honeycomb print, are just for cutsey applications, or for childrens decor.  Take a look below at some design options, that are anything but childish!

How much do you LOVE these Honeycomb Wool, sweater inspired, pillows from West Elm!! WIth options in Cream or Charcoal, they can dress up any drab sofa, or even a bedroom! throw one or two of these on side chair to add warmth and comfort!! ( $54)

Look at this hanging planter!! Complete wire beehive design, can be used, obviously for a plant, OR how about for fruit in your kitchen?? $30 at

Also over at, I found this lovely honey colored "Bee" bowl!! I love the subtle color, and also love that once you put anything in it, it covers up the cute little bee, but you still have the amazing Honeycomb design around the edge, and at just $26 who wouldnt love to display this??

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday "Snippet"

Starting Monday, I will be doing 3 regular post's per week, and one small post each Sunday, pictures, pieces or ideas that inspire me. The one below is from the December issue of House Beautiful. I love the color of the Antique Chandelier! To me, its absolutely breathtaking, and it makes me want to be on the shores of Lake Michigan playing in the water!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mirror, Mirror......

Lets face it, we all have very strong relationships with our mirrors!(some days, Love/Hate..some Days Love/ Love and some days....okay most people probably don't even think about their mirrors, BUT I DO!!!)
I always love to see how other people use mirrors in their homes, is it just for vanity, is it to make a space look bigger, or is it an architectural element that adds to a homes personality?? Here are a couple of GREAT mirror applications, and a few mirrors for a great price!!

My Best Friend, Kisha, has a brilliant eye for design! She got it perfect, when she hung this large mirror in her Living room that has extremely high ceilings. A great way to add dimension, and warmth, to a space that would otherwise feel extremely bare. Notice the reflection, bringing the paint color from the opposite wall, and the stair detail. Love it!!

OR, take this DIY project from the amazing couple over at Young House Love, they completely transformed A pretty normal above sink window, into this unique design feature in their Master Bath. Check out how they did it here.

Like anything else, there are a million types, shapes, sizes, color and prices for mirrors, but here are a few that I love, and at great prices, they are the perfect quick fixes to a drab space!!
Visit websites like to find typically high priced mirrors for a fraction of the price ( this Silver mirror is usually $200 but on sale at Overstock for $83)

This is an Eco friendly, recycled mirror made from magazines!! Cool, right?? $44.99 at World Market!

Or this Rococo style Mirror that is super funky! this more than a "Splash" of color, but if your design taste is super funky, this is a winner!! ( visit Studio Scroggie for pricing).

How about you?? any great sites, or sources for fun mirrors?? do tell!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Tray" Chic...

I promise I am not ALWAYS going to just show pictures of fun accessories, and quick, easy, inexpensive ways to brighten up your place of dwelling!! ( stay tuned for future posts on furniture arranging, fun recipes..yes you can "design" great meals as well, and Nursery ideas), BUT for now, look at these AMAZING, fun, funky and beautiful Trays and Platters!!! Whether you display them where everyone can see, or use them when  guests come over, a fun "Tray" can add a little LIFE to the party!!

Do you L-O-V-E this Kado Platter from Crate and Barrel!!!! its only $16.95!!

this beautifully modern, Walnut and Aluminium tray from Plush Pod, is more expensive ($69.99) but, in my opinion , totally worth it, especially if you host guests a lot!!
This fun "Rustic" real wood platter is so popular right now, you can buy them for as high as $79 from
ABC carpet and home in beautiful NYC or at Target, like this one, for $19.99!!!  Awesome!!

Happy Hosting people!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

RAISE ...YOUR... GLASS....... ( sing it with me people!! )

I love FUN glasses!! its that simple. They make me happy. When I worked in the city ( New york City, that is) one of my favorite place's to go during lunch ( aside from the great Farmers Market in Union Square in the Summer, and the Red Tents in the winter..ahhh I could go on and on...) was the store, Fish's Eddy. It was just around the corner from me, and I always found fun, cool gifts for people, or for myself!!!
 My point, you ask??? Surround yourself with things that make you happy, even if its as small as a super fun glass!!!
Is this a great glass OR WHAT!!! it say's "drink nyc water" and at only $2.99 each, its a fun hostess gift for your quirky friends! One of the many great finds from Fish's Eddy!!

This set of four glasses is from a GREAT website called Uncommon Goods. They have an amazing selection of recycled glass pieces, and just fun funky gift ideas. These little green beauty's are not only made from recycled glass, they say, "Protect our Earth",  now I can drink to that!! $40 for a set of 4.

And just for fun, look at these cool "Floorplan" coasters from Fishs Eddy!!! $3.95 for a set of 10!!!

So here are just a few!! I wont even get into coffee mugs!! I could go on for days!! How about you? do you have a favorite glass, or set? where are they from??

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shopping, and Blogs and Websites..OH MY!!

The one thing that is so great about design now, is that it is accessible to everyone, thanks to ONLINE SHOPPING!!!! There are a few design websites/blogs that I check regularly, so I thought I would pass them on!! My very Favorite is Young House Love, a blog written two times a day by a young, married couple that do all of their own remodeling, they have GREAT design ideas, and an amazing eye for affordable design!! The next, is a retail site called Design Public, a great mix of inexpensive modern pieces, with a few investment pieces thrown in, always a great place to find a cool gift!!! A few more quick ones,
"Not Neutral", and ConranUSA .Take a minute to check out these you have any amazing sites??  PLEASE SHARE!!! :)
Amazing little Hurricane's $28 for a set of two, from Not Neutral.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

L E T T E R ' S!!!!!!!

THE best way to customize your childrens room?? Hand Painted letters!
I Love, Love, Love these letters from Tiny By Design, not only are they hand painted to whatever style, color, or bedroom theme you have..they are super affordable. Since this is custom hand painting, each job will be priced a little different based on one's specific needs, but, for just around $10 each, you can get simple colored letters(Some of the most popular Childrens sites like Layla Grace, start at around $22 per letter). I should mention that the artist, Tracie Davis, is a dear friend of mine, BUT even if I didnt know her, I would buy these letters...I swear!!


Here is just one example of some custom letter's by Tiny By Design! How cute are they??!!

Since I'm talking letters here, the other "ABC's" that  I Love are these cast metal letters from Restoration Hardware, also starting at $10 ( up to $69 depending on size) perfect for living room or home office!! The great thing, they can stand on their own, or be hung!! Versatility.... a major bonus when it comes to design!!

P.s The letters I dont Love..OMG, LOL and ROFL hahaha!!!
( weird that I am a repeat offender of using every one of those!).

Monday, January 24, 2011

What I am loving NOW!!!

So I have decided that one thing I love more than design itself, is affordable design, even more specific...affordable accessories!!! I go koo-koo over any website, catalog or book that show accessories that the normal person can afford!! Don't get me wrong, I respect, and appreciate the very important "Investment" pieces in ones home, (albeit, I have none at this point Ha!!)  but its always fun when you can spruce up your home with just a small addition, that doesn't cost a fortune, who in their right mind doesn't LOVE a bargain !!! SO here are few of my Fav's right now!!
 A Beautiful, Bali inspired, Glass candle. $13.99 from Target, and it smells divine!!! This is a little Jewel that can transform a bookshelf, a dresser top or any other little space that needs a little something!

 White on White!! Loving anything and everything in this simple , sleek look!! at only $39.95 from West Elm, you can add it to any room in your home!

Chunky, Wood floor mirror, this is a mirror from West Elm for $300....I found the exact same mirror ( Dimensions and Color) at Home Goods for $70!!!! Amazing look for a bedroom, or,  hang it horizontally above your sofa!

So, these are just a few!! Any ideas you have for inexpensive design?? Share, share ,share!!