Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Pinterest Inspired DIY mirror..Finally COMPLETE!

Its finally complete, whew..7 weeks after I got an idea from Pinterest, I am finally looking at MY version on my wall :) I came across this mirror while wasting countless hours creating mood boards on Pinterest, and I thought, I think I could do something similar! and for less moolah than $650! 
This is what I needed:

Paint Sticks
Gorilla Glue
Thin plywood board

Just in case you are interested, The paint sticks were FREE at Home Depot, I  told the paint counter man that I wanted to do a project for cheap, could I have 25 Paint sticks, and I will pay for them. He gave them to me, no nice! The Plywood board (you need for stability under the mirror, and to attach the paint sticks to) you could totally get at Home Depot, but I got mine at Michael's, already cut down, it was $6.99,  worth it, because I didn't want to cut it! I also got the mirror there, they had a million different sizes and shapes, but I decided on the 8"x 8" beveled square.
I used Gorilla Glue to adhere everything and it was AWESOME! You have to do as the instructions say and wet down the surfaces first! I didn't do this with one stick and it set me back 3 hours! I finally got smart and used a spray bottle!

The first thing I did after cutting the paint sticks into random sizes, is,  I began to lay them out into a pattern. I thought I would copy the Pinterest mirror as close as possible, but as I began to lay everything out, I didn't love it. So I decided to stack the paint sticks instead, and I LOVE how it turned out!! (pls forgive the first few awful photos..this was PRE awesome Santa gift..aka  new Olympus Pen Digital camera! Love it!!)

Laying out the Mirror and the paint sticks

Mmmm...Maybe?? no

Painted! little did I know it would be 6 weeks form this picture until I would actually do this post!
I should mention that there is NO reason other than being busy, that It took me so long.If I ever had even one block of like, 6 hours, I could have gotten this thing done in a day :)

All my pieces out and ready! ( aaaannnd ENTER new Camera!! )

Gorilla Glue rocks!

The last pieces are finally drying! I had a hard time finding heavy objects to sit
on top of the glued pieces!

A dramatic "reflection" picture for your viewing pleasure :)

I decided on even edges, but stacking the sticks to create some depth, and a few different levels!! I was so pleased with how it turned out :) Finally, A Pinterest Success!! ;)


And a Candid of my beautiful new camera that I love!

The space I chose to hang her, is a tiny little nook in our bedroom, its hard to photograph because there is Zero Light, but I think I am happy with it there!!!

Lots of love to you!! Gearing up for an amazing 2012!! Woo-hoo!!



lylahg said...

Love the "motivation" listed under your supplies. Great project! :)

Designology Interiors said...

Very nice. I love the color.

kate @ change of scenery said...

LOVE how this turned out! The perfect addition to a lonely little nook :)

My Crafty Home-Life said...

I love the color you painted it! Nice self portrait!

deidreondesign said...

I accomplished my first pinterest projects over Christmas and it was so fun!

monika madrid said...

Could this be done using a big bathroom mirror

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