Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm A giant challenge: UPDATE

It's no secret..Im waaaay behind on this challenge..I think Ms. Emily said the contest ends on December 15th, but I just wont be done by then...sooo, I am carrying on, enjoying little pieces at a time, and remembering those days when I was 9, 10, 11..okay lets face it..13, playing with my super special dollhouse.

So far I have:

Painted brick fireplace
Stained Mantel
Painted walls
Cut trim
Painted trim
Stained the Floors
Painted the casing
Bid on about 150 different furniture pieces on Ebay and lost

What I still need to do:

Paint the Ceiling
Touch up the walls
"hang" my super funky oversized number wallcovering
Style the space
Get furniture
Repair and re-stain stairs
Fix windows
Make new door
Create very tiny Roman Shades
Paint old furniture

You can kind of see the wall color here, but I refuse to make it bigger, because there is white paint on the back wall from a trim I glued up that wasn't entirely dry...I have no patience..

Railing needing repair, but you can at least see the wall color a little better

Also, I went through all of my old "furniture" most of it hand made by me when I was 9...I think I might use a few. Also found a pretty sweet brass coat tree in my stash, and an old bubble gum machine ornament..oh, and what dollhouse doesn't need a fake bird ahahaha!!

A loooow coffee table that I "hand crafted" at age 9 ;)

The super sweet brass coat tree!

Hmmm should I do Roman shades, or just try to re-use these ? HAHA!! Ps..I had a matching dress to these drapes and so did my cabbage patch doll, Erin Adelina. I remember my mom sewing them and thinking it was so awesome that the curtains matched my dress..ahhh to be 9 again..

Im going to try to use these funky post cards from IKEA, as wall covering for the wall opposite the fireplace. I just need to buy another pack!

My wall covering and "rug" for the living room!

So that's the latest and the greatest, I cant wait to see what everyone else is doing!!!



Rebecca Lazaroff - belle and beanzer said...

Love it! I got the kids a dollhouse for ava's bday, and my mom dug up my old dollhouse furniture. A bunch made by my grandfather. He carved it. Then there is a bunch of random stuff I added. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. There is a broken ruler that, more than ANYTHING, I remember so vividly. It was everything. A table, a bench, a bridge, a walkway, a door. I SO happy it survived all these years. PS - I ADORE the denim blue walls. I so wanted to do that in my current home, but couldn't find the right room for it. Looking good!

coat stand said...

The super sweet brass coat tree looks great!

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