Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Design Thoughts!

I totally dropped the "Christmas Card" ball this year..or so I thought! As I kept receiving beautiful family photos, and amazing hand pressed Delicious Christmas cards, I grew overly guilty that for some reason, I just couldn't get it together this year!!( I should mention that I DID send out a few real cards..but no pics)  I am usually the one, who sends out that Christmas letter that you all hate, but I love, AND a photo card! I do this knowing full well, that people open them, take a look, ooh and ahh, and then toss em...there may be a very FEW friends that actually hang them up, either way, you know how I love to be included!! So as the guilt grew, I received an E-card/letter from my dad and Step mom, which they actually do every year, in fact, I would like to think of them as the "Pioneers" of  Christmas I opened the email, I ooohhhd and ahhd over all the family photos, then I closed the email, and opened it like 5 more times!! it occurred to me, this is the BEST idea EVER!! and I can totally do it RIGHT.NOW!!! So I did :) Here is this years SALTER FAMILY PHOTO CARD :)
Happy Holidays!! that pic of my husband at the beach not the most SPECTACULAR ? that, is some major ups right there!! Liam has the coolest daddy ever!



The Emily's said...

Happpy Holidays Friend! I hope you have the most splendid of days with your boys this Christmas season. That Santa brings you many blessings, overwhelming amounts of joy and happiness, and extra special reasons to celebrate the joys in 2012. :)

Kerry Rossow said...

What awesome pictures! I am so jealous that you have snow! I continue to love your blog!
Happy Holidays!
Kerry at HouseTalkN

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