Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Epic Fail..Pinterest Challenge that wasn't..BOO

OKay, so somewhere reeeally deep down, I KNEW I didn't have time to take part in the second round of Sherry and Katie's Pinterest Challenge "duex". But...my Ego, yes, Ego ( I will explain in a second) took over, and made me think, "ya know what..everyone else ( in the blog world, that is) is finding the time to take part in this challenge, and everyone will be tweeting and facebooking and what-ever-elsing all about it.. I WANT TO BE WITH THE COOL KIDS" ( or..I dont want to miss out)!! 
(that is the EGO part taking over).  I have a ton of great things "Pinned" on Pinterest, and so many projects I want to do. I have all of the parts, pieces, paint, primer and whatever else I need to do This one, this one, AND this one, but have been anxiety ridden over "TIME"...So, I am using this post to be honest and real...things fail, people fail, projects fail...this Pinterest challenge was a FAIL. Don't get me wrong, I am a FIRM believer that in failure, you are shown your greatest lessons...( okay, I know I am getting all Oprah-y here, but this is the space I am in right now!HA) and I was shown, once again a lesson that has been re-occurring over and over in the last few months..."Patience"

So, let me just take you on this Pinterest Journey, that isn't over, exactly, although I didn't reach the Wednesday deadline..just take a look.

I narrowed down the project I wanted to tackle,
( I should say that I *almost* dove face first into painting the interior of my cabinets, but again, no time.)
I LOVED this Paint chip artwork by Kara over at Happy-Go-Lucky, So I thought I would try it!

So, I took a crap load of Free paint chips from Home Depot, and pretended like I was doing a BIIIG home project...and also, shamefully, took a few more and blamed it on my 2 yr old. It went something like this..Me: with a wad full of paint chips) Home Depot Man: "hi miss, do you have everything you need?" Me: ( Shoving paint chips at Liam) "Liam you like the orange? okay lets try them out.." Not my proudest moment..but look at ALL the options I brought home!!

Here is what  I needed, Color Selection, Modge Podge, Canvas, Sponge Brush, Scissors, Change, wax paper...

I covered the canvas with wax paper,(so it wouldn't get dirty) and used change to determine design, layout, and sizes I wanted to use.

Traced the change on the back of the paint chips, then cut..and cut..and cut..this is what took the longest.

Next, I laid out the dots, in the design I thought I wanted, but because, I am never satisfied, I tried a few more..

I finally decided on a design, a brought out the Modge Podge..and here, my friends, is where the lack of patience came in...I have never used Modge Podge Before..I didn't read the directions, I didn't listen to my loving husband who, when I said, "hmm, okay I think I get it" he said, "Why don't you take a minute and Youtube it" Why?? Because I wanted to get this Beyotch done before Wednesday and I had a 2 yr old Dinosaur to take trick-or-treating!!! I'm not proud of it, but THIS is what happened, because I didn't take an extra 10 minutes :( Curling paint chips..lesson learned!!! I am NOT defeated, however!! I have started a new one, and will post it when its completed the right way!!!

Check back later in the day to see a link to other bloggers who actually ROCKED this challenge!
(if you are a blogger who rocked it, let me know so I can add you)

*Here are some of them*

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Beckie@Cubicle57 said...

Gurl. Huge hugs. And thanks for sharing the dangers of not reading the directions. I didn't either, but I got REALLY LUCKY. See here

Emily said...

Awwwwww bummer!! I hate when that happens. :( I participated in the Pinterest challenge- check it out: http://davenportdiy.blogspot.com/2011/11/pinteresting-challenge-revealed.html

theembellishednest said...

Sorry that it didn't work out the way you planned Kim! :( I can't wait to see the new one! And I love the colors you chose!

Design Thoughts~Kim said...

Thanks Ladies!! and GREAT job on yours!!

Sarah in Indiana said...

I can totally relate to this post! For one, I have a 90% completed Modge Podge project stuffed in a closet right now! And I might get around to finishing it, but I let the only one of those foam paintbrushes I had dry with the Modge Podge still on it. Looks like this will be really cute with you find the time!

For two, I so want to do I'm a Giant (all the cool kids...), and I have to keep reminding myself I don't have time or money for all the projects I want to do in my life sized house, yet I want to decorate my childhood dollhouse?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks for sharing even though it didn't turn out. I love the colors and pattern you choose, so I can't wait to see how it turns out next time :)

Monica said...

Hey Kim, Looks like you had fun with the project after all. I've thought a lot about failure recently. What I've concluded is, if you're not regularly failing, you're not doing or trying enough things. Not to say that failure is the goal, but if you're a massive action taker it's inevitable. So, rock on. You're a doer.

Caitlin @ Hardly Housewives said...

I still think it could have looked really cool...thanks for sharing!

Here's what I did for the challenge:


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