Friday, October 21, 2011

A tiny.."I'm A giant Challenge" Update

Finally...I have completed one tiny, small, itsy bitsy,  little thing for The "I'm A Giant Challenge" hosted by Emily Henderson ( Secrets from A Stylist). I have had the best intentions to be much further along than I am, but...I had to do a few things like..GO TO NAPA..Leave my baby for the first time...Work...Procrastinate..Enjoy the last few awesome days of sunny fall before winter sets in. I am happy to say, however,  that just before I left for vacay, I was able to "update" my existing Dollhouse fireplace. It started out red brick..and I decided to paint it white, a la Young House Love, except I decided to leave the original mantel that my grandparents hand crafted, and just stain it a tad are a few before pics..

After Cleaning the Fireplace, I taped off the wood Mantel, and spray painted the brick ( and box..However, the box WILL be changing, so kind of dis-regard the shotty paint job on it..and stay tuned for THAT post) with the Rust-oleum Flat White I had left over from my DIY Light Project.

And heeeere is the after!! I wish it were real, and in my living room right now!

I cant wait to keep going. My goal is to spend as little money as possible, and still have an AWESOME updated partial dollhouse when I finish! I have decided I am only going to restore the Living room for this challenge, so I can really dedicate some time to it...since this house is so special to me, I want to do it right ;)  and by the way, if you are interested in the "I'm A giant" blogger challenge, type it into Google, It super fun to see what other blog sites come up!!! And in case you missed the first post on my childhood Dollhouse...check it here, and give my gram and gramp some mad love for all of the hard work they put into it :)

Enjoy your weekend!!



My Crafty Home-Life said...

Could you just die over that mantle! Oh, how I wish that was real...and in my house. Great job, don't know where you find the time for it.

Designology Interiors said...

I love your *tiny* remodel so far!

Design Thoughts said...

My Crafty Home-Life, Thank you!! I know..the mantle is awesome!! My gram and Gramp did an amazing job :)

Designology Interiors...Thank you ;)

Meagan said...

Super jealous of that fireplace! Love what you did to update it while retaining the character and sentimentality of the original. Nice work, can't wait to see the living room!

Design Thoughts said...

Thanks Meagan :)

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