Monday, September 19, 2011

My weekend project

As I wrote about on Wednesday, I recently purchased some Missoni for Target ,Folders and note cards. My plan was to make the folders into framed wall art, for a lot less expensive then the $34.99 versions, that Target was selling. As I began to lay out the folders, I realized the print was too large, so, I decided to use my note cards!!

First, I went to Ikea and purchased 10 black frames for $1.99 ea. I only needed 9, but A good DIY at least one more than you need!! Then I decided on the background color, I was originally going to do Ivory, but as I laid things out, it was way too boring. I ended up deciding on A Turquoise that coordinated with the "prints".  Next, I laid out each frame, with a print on top, to figure out the exact layout I wanted....cut the Turquoise to fit,using the frame insert,  cut the cards in half, (using an exacto knife and metal scale ruler, so they were even and straight) and Voila!! 9 beautiful Missoni "Prints" to liven up my super boring, super high ceiling dining room!

My tools :)

Here is what I started with...A huge, 9' -0" Clay colored wall, with NOTHING on it...this is a good spot by the way, to mention that for five of the seven years we lived here, G and I never had a dining room table, we had a pool table. That could be an entire post all on it's own, but when I got prego, I insisted on getting rid of the pool table and getting a dining table....this little guy is actually NOT my style ( only because glass+little fingers = finger prints) but who can resist a curb side glass table and 4 ikea chairs?? that's right, they were FREE, why? because I took them out of someones trash. I'm not ashamed.

Here is a dramatization of me leveling the pictures to make sure they were hanging straight...I mean, I actually DID do this, but this specific picture, was me looking like I was hard at work...why am I telling you...I don't know, maybe because I think its hilarious that G could have just taken an actual picture of me doing this step, but instead I posed for it..hahaa..I'm actually laughing as I write this..

Here they are! I was so happy with how they turned out, the Turquoise for sure gave that wall a punch of color that was needed.

Liam Loves counting the lilac colored shells in my bowl!

I figured out the cost of this entire project, including, the thank you cards, the folders ( that I didn't use) the frames, the paper ( Turquoise and Ivory) the photo stick tabs, and the exacto knive blade ( to replace my old one) . Each picture figured out to be $3.44 ea!! Instead of the $34.99 for the Missoni Print at Target! I was kinda proud of myself for creating a similar look!!

Happy Monday!!


tiny by design said...

as always, very cool! and very funny! thanks for writing!

StarletStarlet said...

what a creative though process to do this! It's a simple and affordable home decor. I trust it would be totally a conversation starter among the fashion crowd! Lovely!

Amber Starr @ Love, Laugh, Live Well said...

Love the idea! So cute, cheap and fun!

Btw, your sister Tomi, directed me towards your blog (I work with her in the pharmacy).

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