Friday, July 8, 2011

Location Scout!!

There is a website that I frequent to get inspiration, for color, or layouts ,or just because the pictures are pretty, so I thought I would you ever have a source that you really love, but you don't really want to share it because you are feeling greedy? hahaa...hmmm...once again, It may just be me with these quirky dark emotions(seriously, is it just me??) !! Anway, is it!! It is a website for Sam Rohn, a location scout for everything from print ads and fashion, to movie and tv sets...its an endless library of cool. SO here are a few of my favs from Brooklyn and NY.

The locations below are Brooklyn Lofts, scouted for A Victoria's Secret shoot! what a fun job, right??

Below, A new York Townhouse, for DSquared fashion shootLove the Red against the Blue!

A Soho Loft, scouted for a clothing catalog shoot, so light and airy...ahhh Soho...I do Love you, I just can't afford you.

and finally, some cool artists lofts!!

It really is amazing that i can get so homesick for Michigan, when I live so close to heart of Inspiration and cool!! Ahhh I DO love New York, and all it has to offer, I just wish it also offered my family ;)

Enjoy your weekend!!



Deidre said...

Thanks for the source! I probably go on Apartment Therapy three times a day at least! And of course Young House Love!

Design Thoughts~Kim said...

You are so welcome ;) its a great one for sure!! I know, I spend waaaaayy too much time on a million different blogs!! I cant help it, I love it!! ;)

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