Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's time for the dreaded MONEY talk...

OKay, so as my tag line says, this blog is to share my life while trying to balance, Mommy, Money and my love for all things here it goes, my first MONEY post...YIKES!! Why is it that we are all so afraid of money? I guess everyone isn't, but I have to say that for whatever reason, my relationship with money comes from a fear based place, and I am not sure why? Growing up, my parents were always VERY responsible with their money, doing their bills together, every Saturday, with each bill organized in the old brown wooden box, lists of bills crossed off as each was paid. They taught my sister and I both the responsibilities of having a checking and savings account at an early age, and taught us how to save money...yet, somehow, I still ended up with a love/ hate relationship with $$$$...don't get me wrong, I love the stuff, but its always been a balancing act of bringing in enough to cover everything and hoping we have enough left over for even just ONE cool adventure per year...So why the rambling?? because it is TIME for me to get organized!

As I mentioned before, this year, my 35th year, is my year to organize my life. (see one of my first small steps to "Clearing My Path" here) Maybe it seems a little late for some, but for me, it is perfect timing ( as everything is in some way, right?). G and I do lead a great life, and on Paper, our numbers are good, even for New York, but to use the word comfortable, is stretching it for me. We aren't entirely uncomfortable, but we are certainly not where we want to "so called" land....So here is the start..are you ready...a coupon holder. YEP..that's right folks, a beautiful, flowered, coupon organizer that I have vowed to start may seem small, but I am totally into starting small, for BIG end results....It's all about consciousness y'all!

It has everything I need. Pockets, and a note taking place, which is where I plan to write my shopping lists..after a month of keeping track of our "money out" we realized we spend way too much on odds and ends picked up during the week AFTER the big weekend grocery trip. all due to no lists...for example, I will buy everyhting I need to make potato soup, but forget the broccoli, so I go back to get broccoli and end up with a $50 grocery bill...

Now, I am always keeping my eye out for coupons that can be used towards organic foods, which is what I try to buy most of the time, I have come to find out, that there really isn't a lot of savings yet, when it comes to organic in terms of coupons, but I also don't shop during sales, I just go when I go so that is another step towards savings!..One of the biggest mistakes we make, is throwing away store coupons, you know, the coupons that print with your receipt? I just got one today for $10 off a $100 total...Diapers and two meals cost that much!

So I am hoping that by starting small with my great little coupon holder, I will end up with big savings in the end..Stay tuned..I will update as I go ;)

 I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday


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Anonymous said...

Just started using them ourselves :) Check out Coupon Susy website. Kroger (if any in NY) have digital ones you download to your card. Saved $75 dollars on our big buy last week. Extreme couponing we'll see-ha! But fun to save :)

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