Monday, May 23, 2011

Pastel Obsessed

I was Etsy-ing the other night, and came across the most amazing ceramic cake plates, the colors were beautiful, soft pastels. About an hour after I saw the cake plates ( shown below) I found my self looking for more and more pastel!! Pastel everything, I am now obsessed and in love with Pastels!! Inspired by these beautiful ceramics!! Amazing job "Vessels and Wares"!! You have inspired me!!

I wish I had a huge WHITE kitchen with beautiful marble counter tops, so I could display all of the Delicious cakes and goodies I would bake..if I knew how to bake....

And then....I found THIS!!! My new Pastel Obsession tripled when I saw this INCREDIBLE vintage piece!! TO.DIE.FOR...and P.s I know I say amazing a lot,( which sucks because for some reason my "z" is not showing up when I preview...not sure why)  but I really am awed by a lot of stuff..Oprah says its way over used...and I love Oprah..but I disagree. Moving on..

Is this the most incredible Vintage storage piece you have seen?? I am trying desperately to find where this piece is actually from...I found it on House To Home which is a UK sight, but there isn't much info on it, so the search continues!

I just have to throw in a Pastel room, done the right way!! soft and clean but not too over the top! Love it!!
and since I am just "throwing things in" look at these great Pastel boots!! ( I told you, I am all of the sudden going Crazy over this shit...and I know I  really should say "stuff" not "shit" but this is actually how I talk, so I am leaving it as it is..sorry if I offend)

from or best offer New!!


and look at this sweet, peaceful Nursery! its from a blog that is new to me, and I have quickly become a stalker excited follower. Its called The Farmer Family. Great ideas and beautiful aesthetic.

or this bedroom, from another AWESOME blog called House Of Turquoise

and Finally, a dreamy, magical, pastel-ie print...I LOVE

  Enjoy your Monday!!


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