Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This is an exact replica of a mirrored side table I found at my local Goodwill Store in Ridgewood, Nj..EXACT..well, okay, not exact exact, the legs were actually a nasty painted silver, but thats an easy you know how much this baby retails for?? GUESS..somewhere close to $, now of course, I am going to ask you to guess how much it cost at Goodwill....are you ready for this..FORTY NINE DOLLARS!! that's it..just $49 buckolas.

Now here comes the worst part of this blog post, and the very reason I am writing this to you now...I didn't buy this lovely, "Has Potential" piece!! why?? because I made the number one rookie design mistake...I am in love with it, but its not really MY style!! such a ridiculous thought..can you imagine...if I am IN LOVE with something it is EXACTLY my style, I just may not have anything else similar...okay, I seriously need to calm down, I get aggravated just telling this story, as in literally punching every single key I am typing ha! ...anyway, back to the point.

I walked out of Goodwill, decided I would get my groceries, (which was the reason I was even out anyway, and just so happened to drive past the Goodwill that I hadn't been in forever so decided, on a whim to pull over. ) and I would just think it over, and stop back by on my way home.....well guess what everyone...Someone else ( in a matter of 45 mins) looked at this amazing little piece with potential and said to themselves ( of course I don't know what they said but this is how I'm sure it went) 'WOW! this little piece is amazing and has such potential, and holy crap its only $49!! these baby's sell for like $400..I am buying this thing now and figuring it out later, because I am smart and I don't pass up an amazing bargain like this"  This happened last week, I have thought about this little table everyday. So....if you see an amazing deal, and you have the money, buy it the first time!! I mean, worse case get it home and absolutely hate it...put it on Ebay and sell if for like, a hundy or something and MAKE some money!! :) I know this is kind of a ranting post, I actually just read it back and I sound a little nutz..but that's where I am at right now...nutz over Mirrored Side tables!!


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