Monday, May 2, 2011

Clearing my path

Big things are on their way for the Salter house...I can just feel it in my bones! BUT, I also know that in order for all of these new exciting things to happen, the path needs to be clear!! That can be spiritual, or this particular case, its literal. We have SO much clutter, and we are beginning to simplify. It started 3 weeks ago when we completely cleared our basement and donated 21 bags of stuff to the V.A. Now I am conquering smaller projects. So read on to see how I have cleaned a small space in our kitchen!!

This is the before...its embarrassing to even show you, but its my life, so you are welcome to it ;) Here are two shelves that started out very clean, a few bowls, our cereal, and L's snacks...however, as out toddler did the you can see, there is not only, Cereal, and his snacks, bread, bagels and chips, there is also Honey Elixer medicine, children's Tylenol, Liam's Nebulizer and a ton of other junk that you cant even see.

This space in our kitchen, is one of those spaces that every single time we walk passed it, we say it needs to be cleaned, and then we stack another bag of hot dog buns on the pile!

SO Today, I finally did something about it!! I went to home goods and literally spent $35 to fix this problem!!

Fist, I cleared off and cleaned the entire area.

is this not outrageous!!!
I swear this isnt an ad for babyganics

Next, I washed each canister and set them up to see what would fit where.

And then... the best part!! I started to fill them!! Ahhh I feel so free !!

I filled the bigger ones with cereal, and the smaller ones with Liam's snacks. The large Jar was $9.99 and the Med. Jars $3.99 and small jars $2.99 what a deal!! I added a ceramic bowl I already had, for produce, and a small bicycle print that I was actually going to hang in our bathroom, but I like it better here.

SO, here it is, my new clean kitchen shelves!!!! One of the best things is that I created a space for everything, which will allow us to easily put things back where they belong, before, stuff just belonged anywhere.

This was an easy, cheap way to organize a space!! and it only took me 20 mins!!

ahhh..our path is getting more and more clear every day!!


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deidreondesign said...

Almost everyone has issues with clutter, me included! I am so embarrassed about some areas of my house!

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