Monday, April 4, 2011

This has NOTHING to do with Interior Design

I am dedicating today's post to all of the cool things I have found during my "research" for this blog. None of which, really have much to do with Interior Design, there may be a soap dish here or there, but mostly its just really great stuff from amazing websites!!  ENJOY!!

From a really cool store called Terrain,( a fairly newish store started by the Urban Outfitters/Anthropology Crew)  here are a few awesome things, and look how great their store is too!! Don't you just want to spend all of your money there!!! I do ( no, literally I do!) ( Terrain At Styers in PA)

Bee Cheese Markers!!! $19.95

Apple Change Purse $14.99

I'm in love with the idea of this gardening journal, ($19.99)maybe its because I LOVE and MISS gardening terribly, and I dream of gardening so much that I need a journal?? or, maybe its just because I happen to be obsessed with cute little books like this, especially if they are bright green!!

Photos of TERRAIN

 Have you seen??!! ECO PAINT!!  made from things like extract of blueberries and strawberries. This tot friendly paint can be painted with, or eaten, and no worries for the mama!! $24.99 for 5 colors from Blue Ribbon General Store   Also, just found this for Easter....Eco Friendly Easter Egg Kit!!

Now, How about a little "Fashion"

Love this t-shirt from Urban Outfitters..only $9.99! and how about these stellar shoes!! Do you love them?? Urban Outfitters also...not here to see where they are from..and Click Here to DIE at the price!!!! (Skirt from

Dear Chartreuse Resin Ring, I love you, you are fabulous!
Its from Etsy Shop, ForevermoreCreations Would you wear it??!!  I love it! Only $11!! in fact I just decided to order it, stay tuned for pictures of it on my hand!!

Now onto a little body love! This Lotion is THE BEST lotion I have found yet! I have super dry skin ( a family curse) this J.R Watkins Mango Lotion, not only soothes my parched skin, it smells like a Hawaiian vacation, the other flavor I love is the lemon souffle! YUM ( $5-$11 @ Target)

Thymes-Naia is a fresh scented, not too strong, perfume and lotion, that my Step mom (we call her M.A) and I found last summer while browsing the cute shops of Piermont, Ny...its the type of scent that when I wear it, people tell me I smell good.!!! There are a lot f other scents in the line, all of which Mary Ann and I have smelled, but this by far has remained our fav.

here are a few more completely random things that I think are fun and fab!!!

Owl Luggage tag $9 at Heliotrope Home

Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain $14 Heliotrope Home

Accordion Book-pages fold out for photos $24 from Rag and Bone Bindery
Grocery tote from Petunia Picklebottom only $12 Design Public

So there are a few of my fav's! Hope you enjoyed!! also, obviously, I am in the process of changing the appearance of my blog, so its a work in progress, I still haven't quite decided if this is the design for me, so stay tuned :) Happy Monday!

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