Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday "Snippet" New Clothes...

Welcome to the new "Design Thoughts"!!!  We got all new threads around here, and I am so excited with how it turned out! This is just another way to get an amazing look for less!!! Read on my dears, to see how I saved money, and got an amazing design for a very good price!! ( not the $200 that it would cost to have my original logo done..just the logo)

My good friend Lori Kade, owner of Lori Kade Photography +Studio Bliss, recently changed her logo, and it was amazing! I asked her who designed it, and I about died when she told me she had it created by a designer on..are you ready...ETSY!!!!  My favorite website of all time!! I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of Etsy before!

So My search began, I should back up and just throw out there, that I truly believe that you can basically manifest anything you want ( if this is too deep for ya, just hang on I do have a point ) I knew exactly what I wanted for the look of this blog, and thought about it a lot, I wanted A soft Moroccan design, with some type of light fabric feel! When I came across Erin Bradley Designs, on Etsy, I knew I had found a perfect match!!  She sells many things, but among them, premade Blogger Layouts, which she customizes to fit your needs!! $30 for the package!!!!!!!!!!  Could you faint???  And the best part ( other than the awesome graphics, the cost, and the fact that I found exactly what I wanted) she was completely available to me, answering emails and any questions I needed! an amazing experience!

So, again, welcome to the new look of Design Thoughts, and Thank you for reading!!! This little blog that started as a "hobby" is quickly turning into a small obsession for me, so I really appreciate all of you that take time out of your busy days to see what I have to say about Design, saving money , being a mamma, and trying to balance it all!! Happy Sunday!


Designology Interiors said...

Loooving the new design!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I like the new design. it's really inviting.

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