Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pop my...COLOR!

This is going to be quick....I came across this great image, and got inspired. I sometimes need to remind myself ( and if I have to remind myself, I figure, why not share ) that something as SIMPLE as a map of the United States, can be used to brighten a space and add a pop of color. Its ideas like this, that inspire me to think outside the "Interior Design" box. By the way, this image is from the portfolio of Season 5 winner of HGTV's Design Star, Emily Henderson. She does AMAZING work, and now hosts her own show called Secrets of A Stylist. Love it!

or look at these GREAT colorful vintage letters from Bay City Cargo they are only $12.95. By the way, this website has a great selection of any vintage letter you need, for CHEAP!!

Add even just one of these little nuggets ( well, not so little, they stand 10") to a bookshelf, or a dresser top and it instantly adds a funky vibe, and a pop of color.

And just on a personal DIY note: I have been on the search for many sizes, and types of wire baskets, in hopes of spray painting them bright colors, to create an arrangement for behind our sofa, I have not been extremely successful, and am crossing my fingers that with the approaching, flea market/ yard sale season quickly approaching, I will have an array of shiny baskets before I know it!! Stay tuned for the progress of this little project!!

Happy Hump night!

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The Emily's said...

How fabulous is that map!!??!! It is such a wonderfully colorful accent. And educational. There's a few out there that are are not only geographicly colored, but textured based on elevation. Dimension AND color. Awesome!

Wire basket note: let me know if you are still having difficulty locating the baskets you are searching for. I have a few unique sites in my arsonal. :)

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