Friday, April 29, 2011

The Next BIG thing!! PINteresting

Oh my GOODNESS!!!!  I cant't tell you how many waking hours I have spent in the last week awaiting my Pinterest Invitation!!  Seriously, Im not embarrased to admit, that I became a little obsessed!! Before you say.."Whats Pinterest??"  let me back up a minute..( and see the very bottom of this post to get a NO wait invite to Pinterest)

A few weeks ago, my good friend Merry, over at Designologyinteriors, did a great post on Houzz, which is an amazing website that allows you to create Idea boards by selecting photos from a HUGE library on their shared data base( meaning designers and others, post pics, and you can pull from them, or post your own) !! I had never heard of it before, and I spent hours and hours on this site, and loved every minute of it! Then, I started hearing ramblings of a website called Pinterest...With all of the many social networks we are connected to, and all of the design blogs I follow, I heard about it enough, that is totally peaked my interest. ( BEWARE: once you start looking at either one of these sites, you will lose hours of your life, and not even realize it, kind of like when you are looking at Etsy!)

SO what is it exactly?? In its simplest terms..its a site that allows you to visually catalog the things you love!

The greatest thing about Pinterest, is you can simply install a tiny little  "Pin it" button on your browsers "Favorites" bar, and ANY website you go on, anything at all, you can click on a picture, Pin it, and it will go directly to whatever inspiration board you want it to go to, it saves the link, and not only do you have an amazing online catalog or, wish list, as I love to call it, you also have the exact link and information for where it came from!!!
What you end up with, is an ever growing photo journal of all things that you LOVE!! It can be food, it can be Jewelry, Wine, Makeup, Clothes, Art, People..anything...that is what I love about this. I have a mood board called INSPIRE ME, that showcases all thing that I think are amazing..take a minute to look at it, so you can get a clearer (is that a word, Clearer?? or do you say..more clear? anyway)  picture of what I am talking about.

The  link for my INSPIRE ME board on Pinterest is

This is an invite only website, ( other members can invite you, or you can await an approval after submitting a request) which, made me INSANE, back to my original statement of " I became slightly obsessed" I heard more and more about Pinterest, and how amazing it was, and submitted my invite request, then waited, and waited...and heard more and more about the awesomeness that I was missing out on..imagine, ME a blogger on all things Design NOT getting a invitation approval ( okay it was like 3 days, but STILL):)
I'm slightly joking, but I will say, by having to wait for an invite, it made me want it more! After tweeting for help, I actually got an invite from the blog, Younghouselove..ahhh Finally..The whole point of this loooooong explanation is: I wrote to the communications director at Pinterest and simply asked if I could please have MANY invites just to pass out to my readers so they didn't have to wait...she said , "GLADLY"!!!!

SO, readers!! All you have to do is  LEAVE ME A COMMENT letting me know you would like an invite, and I will email a NO WAIT,  INVITE to you!! leave me your email address ( if you aren't comfortable leaving it on the comment display, you can email me directly at I'm telling you, people are going crazy over these invites, just search it on google...SO, happy Pinning, wishing you many endless hours of pining beauty!!


Designology Interiors said...

great post...Pinterest sounds fun. I would love to check it out.

Julie said...

Hey Kim! I've been checking out your blog for a while now-great job! I recently heard of Pinterest but didn't know much about it. Thanks for breaking it down. :) Do you have an extra invite I could snag?

deidreondesign said...

I would like an invite too!

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