Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday "Snippet" (Chihuly)

I know I usually show you inexpensive interior options, or funky new websites/blogs that I just discovered, but today I wanted to show you some beautiful artwork that absolutely inspires me, every single time I see it.

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful, hand blown, glass artwork, from my very favorite Artist of all time ( bold statement, right?) Dale Chihuly. Known for his magnificent, organic inspired glass blown installations. He is a genius.

Some of you may know he did a very famous floating exhibit called "Chihuly Over Venice"
Here are some of those installations.

What do you think? for those of you familiar with his work, have you seen real installations? are they not the most breathtaking thing?? Happy Sunday!!

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Linda Leyble said...

I've always loved Dale's work. I used to live in Washington State - and he's pretty much a saint there (always on the news etc).

I had forgotten about his Venice installation - thanks for reminding me!


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