Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leather or Not???

I never cared much either way for leather interiors. I have seen some amazing leather furniture and some not so amazing. BUT , there has been a sweeping focus on leather options recently, from clocks to tiles and I LOVE them!!!!! Take a look at some of my favs.

First, this leather side table!! Its such a great addition to any room simply because of the texture! I love to see designers thinking outside the box, and doing things that we aren't used to seeing...leather on sofas, Yes..Leather on side tables, not very often!

There has also been an increase in colored leather options. Even the craziest color, can add such a zing to a room when used in a tiny way. Look at these leather clock!! Add them to a bookshelf, to a nightstand or a dresser top!!

Also, Leather used in lamp shades! Perfect for a library, or home office! The one below is actually from and is only $25!!

Okay, the next leather enhanced piece, I absolutely die over!! A lot of designers have used this piece, and its actually featured on a lot of other blog sites, but I just saw it again in my newest Serena and Lily catalog!!
So cute!!

There are also so many great gift items for Leather Home accessories!! Look at these Vera Wang Green leather bowls! Perfect for a wedding shower gift?? Only $49 for the set! find out here how to get them.

And very last, is another one of my favorites!! Leather tiles! I can tell you 100% these babies look AMAZING installed!! We have a client in Brooklyn who has them in her Powder room, and they are TO DIE FOR!!! They come in a lot of different colors and sizes, and in the right application look great!

What do you think? would you ever be willing to use it in your home??  I am now a fan, and hopefully you are too after seeing a few options!! Stay tuned Friday for "Chic for Cheap" Chic interiors for less, comparing high end accessories and home pieces to low cost options that are just as nice!
Happy Hump Day!

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